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202302Re: Postmaster and abuse default in virtual_alias_map

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  • mouss
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Alain NAKACHE wrote:
      > Hi,
      > I need to configure a default management of postmaster@<domain> or
      > abuse@<domain> on a virtual domains hosting.
      > My custormers have the ability to define these emails in the
      > virtual_alias_maps table but if they don't I want to define them by
      > using a static file.
      > This config has a chance to work :
      > virtual_alias_maps = ldap:/etc/postfix/ldap/valias.cf
      > hash:/etc/postfix/valiasdefault.cf

      no, not a hash, unless you're ready to script and sync. Keep using ldap
      since your domains are there. create a (ldap) map that implements:

      postmaster@... postmaster@...
      abuse@... abuse@...

      whenever "domain.example" is found in your map of managed domains.

      PS. It is a good idea to forget about addresses with no domains (be them
      "foo" or "foo@") even if MTAs allow them in some cases.
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