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202285Catching loop bounces

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  • Jay L. T. Cornwall
    Aug 1 2:58 AM

      I'm currently tweaking my Postfix setup to make it more resilient in
      today's spam filled world. My primary concern is the number of bounces
      being sent out as spammers try to send to non-existent users and addresses.

      I've addressed the former with (relay|local)_recipients which now
      correctly rejects email to invalid users. I wonder if the same can be
      applied to domains because I get a lot of email to 'mail.esuna.co.uk'
      but only accept to 'esuna.co.uk'. That currently bounces to a
      (potentially forged) address.

      Is there a similar mechanism to simply reject email to unacceptable domains?


      Jay L.T. Cornwall, http://www.esuna.co.uk/~jay/
      PhD Student
      Imperial College London
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