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198415Re: [long] Re: Greylisting and Postfix

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  • mouss
    Jun 4, 2006
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      Michael J Wise wrote:
      > On Jun 1, 2006, at 3:01 PM, Alex Satrapa wrote:
      >> And here's why greylisting doesn't work:
      >>> Received: from optkmv.ru (opttorg.cust.kmv.ru [])
      > % query-dnsbl
      > SPAMCOP opttorg.cust.kmv.ru
      so what? spamcop isn't designed for smtp level rejection. it should ony
      be used in score based system.
      > Greylisting should never be one's only line of defense.
      > Greylisting buys one time for a given IP address to make a fool of
      > itself elsewhere before it gets to dump crap into your system.
      > Or at least, that is my understanding of its purpose.
      >> Note that they reconnected after a couple of hours, ...
      > Not surprised at all.
      > It's almost certainly a compromised machine ... in Mother Russia!
      > Listening on port 22, btw.
      > Probably user 'diana' had a trivial password ('password' or 'diana',
      > for example), and ... poof, in they went.
      >> Is there anything else here that could have indicated to my mail
      >> server that this was not legitimate mail?
      use a spam filter. There are many to choose from. if you don't like
      choosing, try spamassassin...
      > Um, how about the fact that the server was in Russia?
      There may be more spam servers in the US than in Russia. Again, you can
      use such arguments in a score based filter, not in
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