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196834Re: holding messages during maintenance best practice

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  • ml@sd2i.fr
    May 1, 2006
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      Andrzej Adam Filip a écrit :
      > "ml@..." <ml@...> writes:
      >> I was wondering what's the best practice to handle upgrade of the
      >> pop/imap server (new bigger hard-drives), i want to have no mail
      >> delivery during the upgrade, and we have no secondary mx.
      >> So either i can simply stop postfix, or i thought about using the HOLD
      >> feature to catch mails into the queue ?
      >> Thanks for any advice, and if the HOLD feature is better, for any
      >> HOWTO links. We receive about 40k mail/day so i want to avoid troubles
      > IMHO if the expected off-line period is reasonably short (in pessimistic
      > scenario) then you can choose carefully low traffic period (e.g. after
      > midnight or weekend) to use "service stopped" path.

      The pessimistic scenario is about 4h00

      > Remember to provide yourself hefty "safety margin" for upgrade period.
      > People under stress do make "mistakes".

      That's why i ask here before doing anything ;)

      > I suggest you using firewall to block access to the services during
      > the changes to give you a chance for a few "sanity checks" before
      > putting it back online/on internet.
      > [these are not "postfix only" advises]

      Thanks for your anwsers (you and Magnus), now my job is to make THE
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