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193558Re: clock problem and postfix behaviour

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  • Victor Duchovni
    Mar 1, 2006
      On Wed, Mar 01, 2006 at 12:58:45PM +0100, cbaegert@... wrote:

      > Our mail server restarted with a clock set to 2003, although it's a brand new
      > server (and I supposed it was a brand new battery !)
      > When I saw that, I hurried to set the clock to 2006. Then the mail server
      > rejected all the messages it received but not delivered during the time it
      > was set to 2003, with "status=expired, returned to sender"

      The message arrival time is stored in the queue file, so when the clock
      moves forward significantly, messages may appear to be old.

      Postfix never expires a message before a delivery attempt, expiration only
      happens after a failed delivery attempt, so the expired messages all failed
      to be delivered on the most recent delivery attempt.

      > I'm wondering if I could have done something differently to avoid this
      > problem, but I don't have the answer for now. Any idea ?

      If you run "postsuper -r ALL" before starting postfix, the timestamps
      on all messages are reset when they are re-injected into the queue
      via pickup. This is true for Postfix releases prior to version 2.3.
      There is not an obvious solution for 2.3. History snippet from the
      postfix-2.3-20051105 snapshot.


      All delay logging now has sub-second resolution. This means
      updating all code that reads or updates the records that
      specify when mail arrived, and ensuring that mail submitted
      with older Postfix versions produces sensible results.
      Files: global/post_mail.c, global/mail_timeofday.[hc],
      global/log_adhoc.c, postdrop/postdrop.c, pickup/pickup.c,
      cleanup/cleanup_envelope.c, cleanup/cleanup_message.c,
      smtpd/smtpd.c, qmqpd/qmqpd.c, *qmgr/qmgr_message.c,
      *qmgr/qmgr_active.c, local/forward.c.

      Open problems:

      "postsuper -r" no longer resets the message arrival time,
      because pickup(8) no longer overrides queue file time stamp
      information. This can be a problem when mail "on hold" is
      released after a long time.


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