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193537clock problem and postfix behaviour

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  • cbaegert@europeanservers.net
    Mar 1, 2006

      we had a big problem yesterday : a power loss in our datacenter.

      Our mail server restarted with a clock set to 2003, although it's a brand new
      server (and I supposed it was a brand new battery !)

      When I saw that, I hurried to set the clock to 2006. Then the mail server
      rejected all the messages it received but not delivered during the time it
      was set to 2003, with "status=expired, returned to sender"

      I'm wondering if I could have done something differently to avoid this
      problem, but I don't have the answer for now. Any idea ?

      Or maybe something in Postfix could be implemented to avoid this annoying
      behaviour ? I imagine it's not the first time that this problem occurs, and
      it certainly won't be the last time ! After a power loss, we don't have to
      time to read the whole Postfix manual, so I think it will be better if
      Postfix could handle this problem automatically whatever the admin mistakes !

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