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193492Postfix, transports and dspam

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  • Daniel
    Feb 28, 2006
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      I've been having a heck of a time trying to get this working properly,
      and it seems to be a pretty simple matter. Either it's not as simple as
      I think it should be, or I'm drastically over-complicating it. So, if
      everyone here can bear with me and perhaps help me out, I'd greatly
      appreciate it.

      My server is setup with all virtual domains with the exception of
      localhost (which is specified in mydestination). I have dspam set up as
      a content filter (content_filter = lmtp:unix:/tmp/dspam.sock) in
      main.cf, and that seems to be working properly. All the mail I get is
      being tagged appropriately by dspam.

      All the messages that pass through dspam have a specific signature added
      to them that lets dspam keep track of them. Because of this, I'm
      supposed to be able to send a message back to dspam if it was flagged
      incorrectly (i.e., marked as spam when it isn't) to help dspam learn. I
      specify the unique signature, tell it the correction, and it updates its
      database. Simple, eh?

      So here's the problem. I'm trying to get it so when mail destined for
      spam@... is sent to dspam, it is run through a transport
      called dspam-retrain:spam. The dspam-retrain transport calls a script
      called dspam-retrain.pl via pipe, parses the message for the necessary
      information, and then updates the database. I want to do the exact same
      thing for notspam@..., but calling dspam-retrain:innocent.

      I have this transport defined properly in master.cf, and I have a table
      with the addresses and transport:nexthop in PostgreSQL (I've tried it as
      a hash table too with the same results). Postfix is pointed to the
      transports table via transport_maps = /etc/postfix/pgsql_transport.cf.
      If I query the spam or nospam addresses using postmap -q and that file,
      it returns the desired result.

      The problem seems to be that as soon as the mail comes into my postfix
      server, it hits the content_filter instead of the transport. This is
      great for all the e-mail coming through, but not for spam@ and notspam@.
      Those do not need to be checked for spam again, but rather sent
      specifically to the dspam-retrain transport. I thought this would
      happen automatically if the recipient address matches with the addresses
      in the transport_maps, but I'm apparently mistaken. What do I need to
      do to get this to work the way I want?


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