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  • mouss
    Feb 1, 2006
      Philip Beattie a écrit :
      > Hi all,
      > We are replacing an old RedHat mail server with a new Debian Sarge mail
      > server.
      > At present our domain with ISP is dom1.com and our domain name on our
      > old RedHat server was dom1.com
      > We have set up our new Sarge server with domain dom2.com
      > We need to (in the short term) pickup all mail for dom1.com from our ISP
      > and deliver it to users on our new server (dom2.com). Out-going mail (in
      > the short term) needs to appear to come from dom1.com. The users are the
      > same on both servers.

      - "inbound" mail. configure fetchmail to fetch from the ISP and inject
      into postfix. see below for a sample .fetchmailrc.

      - "outbound" mail. use smtp_generic_maps to rewrite foo@... to

      smtp_generic_maps = hash:$dir/generic

      ==== generic
      @... @...

      ======== .fetchmailrc
      #use daemon mode, with a sleep of 600 seconds (10 min):
      set daemon 600

      #use syslog:
      set syslog

      #set postmaster address
      set postmaster <postmaster@...>

      #no backscatter: don't bounce, send to postmaster
      #instead, bad mail is sent to postmaster
      set no bouncemail

      #default proto is pop3.
      defaults proto pop3

      #domain to append to non-fqdn addresses
      smtpaddress dom2.example

      #inject mail to, port 11025.

      ##### main accounts
      #mchilali (services: abuse, dnsbl, catchall, ...)
      poll pop.dom1.example
      user "philip" there has password "XXXXXXX"
      is "philip" here

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