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191563Re: Best file system

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  • ann@elektron.no
    Feb 1, 2006
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      > in any case use a journaling filesystem like ext3, reiserfs, ..

      From what I'm reading, ext3 is better with large files, while reisersfs is
      better with lots of small files.

      Lots of small files - check
      Large files - keeping log files under 100 megabytes for now.

      So, exactly what do they mean by large files?

      Reisers has a lower ceiling for how large files it can support, according
      But I won't hit that limit no matter what, on this system.

      So, any other snags?

      One of my associates is a fan of Reisers, but has no experience with
      Postfix specifically, only qmail and other linux servers.
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