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191560Re: Best file system

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  • Cami
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Jay Maynard wrote:
      > On Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 02:11:07PM +0100, ann@... wrote:
      >>One of my associates is a fan of Reisers, but has no experience with
      >>Postfix specifically, only qmail and other linux servers.
      > I've heard too many comments about people losing everything with Reiser4,
      > and about how Reiser4's fsck only deals with looking for specific byte
      > strings (thus getting hopelessly confused with a filesystem containing an
      > image of another Reiser4 filesystem in a file), and about how Reiser4 will
      > never be integrated into the Linux kernel (persistent violations of kernel
      > coding standards, and a fundamental difference over its plugin architecture
      > and Linus's versio of how things should be). I'm personally staying far, far
      > away.

      Reiser4 is not part of the default kernel, so lets
      not go bashing it yet. Until its part of the default
      kernel, don't expect it to magically be 'bug-free'.
      If you're following the reiser mailing list, you'll
      see that things are getting sorted and progress is
      being made in adhering to the standards.

      Reiser3 I've been using for many years, and use it to
      store ~400 000 users mailboxes. (~1TB of mail)

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