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191534Connection timed out errors

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  • Troy Davis
    Feb 1, 2006
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      Are "Connection time out" error a problem with my server or the receiving
      Any help appreciated

      Feb 1 17:32:00 spider postfix/smtp[9747]: 8184C4A7EB:
      to=<glenn-o@...>, relay=none, delay=317649, status=deferred
      (connect to sbcglobal.com[]: Connection timed out)

      Feb 1 07:48:09 spider postfix/smtp[28181]: 1A9E64A803:
      to=<pat_alanhutch@...>, relay=none, delay=72436, status=deferred
      (connect to btinernet.com[]: Connection timed out)

      Regards Troy
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