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189666Re: Better to do 550 instead of 450 for these?

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  • mouss
    Jan 1, 2006
      Roger B.A. Klorese a écrit :
      > Victor Duchovni wrote:
      >> Postfix never returns 5XX for temporary lookup problems, even when it
      >> returns 5XX for NXDOMAIN and other hard failures.
      > How is NXDOMAIN any more a "hard" failure? An authoritative server
      > could be temporarily misconfigured...

      so what? when they fix their system, then they'll post their mail!
      Systems should be optimized for the common case, not for rare cases.

      I prefer to get a bounce telling me that my DNS server is misconfigured
      than wait 4 days and get bounces for all the messages that my system
      sent during that period of time.

      If you don't like DNS failures, then don't base your mail decisions on
      that. DNS isn't safe. If you base your smtp setup on it, then you have
      the common denominator.
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