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189649Unknown service smtp/tcp on 64 bit chroot

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  • Keith Owens
    Jan 1, 2006
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      postfix-2.2.5-5 on OpenSuSE 10.0 for Linux x86_64. Using chroot for
      the smtp services fails with 'unknown service smtp/tcp'.

      The chroot environment was set up by examples/chroot-setup/LINUX2 but
      that script only copies the 32 bit libraries. For x86_64, the chroot
      environment also needs the /lib64 versions of nss etc. Patch below
      fixes it for x86_64. Postfix 2.2.7 has exactly the same version of the

      Index: postfix-2.2.5/examples/chroot-setup/LINUX2
      --- postfix-2.2.5.orig/examples/chroot-setup/LINUX2
      +++ postfix-2.2.5/examples/chroot-setup/LINUX2
      @@ -62,6 +62,7 @@ POSTFIX_DIR=${POSTFIX_DIR-/var/spool/pos
      cd ${POSTFIX_DIR}

      mkdir -p etc lib usr/lib/zoneinfo
      +test -d /lib64 && mkdir -p lib64

      # find localtime (SuSE 5.3 does not have /etc/localtime)
      @@ -79,5 +80,10 @@ ln -s -f /etc/localtime usr/lib/zoneinfo
      cond_copy '/lib/libnss_*.so*' lib
      cond_copy '/lib/libresolv.so*' lib
      cond_copy '/lib/libdb.so*' lib
      +if test -d /lib64; then
      + cond_copy '/lib64/libnss_*.so*' lib64
      + cond_copy '/lib64/libresolv.so*' lib64
      + cond_copy '/lib64/libdb.so*' lib64

      postfix reload