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187457Re: Weird bounces with Postfix, LMTP and Cyrus

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  • Christian Theune
    Dec 1, 2005
      On 11/30/05, Victor Duchovni <Victor.Duchovni@...> wrote:
      > I think that 2.1.5 already had the fix in place, though of course 2.2.5
      > is good release with many significant improvements.

      Unfortunately gentoo didn't have 2.1.5 available, so I just made the
      switch to 2.2.5.
      > If Cyrus is LMTPD is running on another machine, there may be a broken
      > firewall between your Postfix server and the LMTP client. Otherwise the
      > out-of-sync sessions don't make much sense.

      That was just a guess. In my case the LMTPD runs on the same server.
      Unfortunately even when turning preforking off, I still get the
      bounces with codes 2.0.0, 354 and 5.5.2 ...

      I think I need more log output here ... I'll try to increase output of
      postfix and cyrus a bit ...

      > While there are no known bugs in the LMTP client or reason to expect that
      > there are new bugs to be found its session re-use code, session re-use
      > is tested much more thoroughly in the new SMTP client. Hopefully one
      > of these days the LMTP client will be phased out and replaced by minor
      > ehhancements to the SMTP client (say LHLO instead of EHLO and process
      > multiple responses to ".").

      Hmm. Ok. I'm not so informed to know about a probable replacement of
      LMTP with SMTP ...

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