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186839Re: Possible SPAM mitigation trick -- and administrator woes

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  • Mark Nernberg
    Nov 23 9:30 AM
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      On 11/23/05 12:20 PM, "Xavier Beaudouin" <kiwi@...> wrote:

      > [...]
      >> By gradually becoming a little less liberal in what we accept, the
      >> pressure will come to bear on administrators and software developers who
      >> unleash misbehaving mail systems on the rest of the world.
      > Problem is that most low end "users"/mail administrator that handle only 3
      > or 4 mailboxes are mostly ignorant of the deal and the responsability
      > about mail servers.

      "most" is an understatement.

      > Also most of them are really agressive when someone tell them that his
      > server is badly configured and doesn't suit standards....

      How true.
      > This is bad... but I had to reduce my spam filter for customers that
      > wanted their mails whatever it is spam or not...

      Instead, I've taken a different approach. I allow my customers to have ALL
      of my spam filtering, or NONE of my spam filtering. Nothing in between. I
      explain to them that the problem is when sending servers are non-compliant
      with the rules. I inform the sending server administrators that we are
      blocking their mail. The admins don't really give a shit.

      But when my customers start bothering the other admins users, and those
      users start buggering the non-compliant admin, things seem to get done.

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