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186753Re: Fw: I'm sending "aaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzz" emails

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  • Nicolas Riendeau
    Nov 22, 2005
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      Jason wrote:
      > But if I don't use generic to modify the domain name (change all
      > outgoing mail from users@chinamial to users@...), this "a to
      > z" thing won't happen

      You are remapping your internal addresses to outside addresses only when
      sending to the outside, right?

      Yhe problem, is it visible on your own server or only on the outside
      mail servers?

      If you don't remap your adresses and try sending to the outside
      (assuming the other server accepts the mail) do you still have the problem?

      I have not looked at the code in Postfix that does that remapping but I
      doubt it could affect the message body...

      Good luck!

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