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186751Re: Fw: I'm sending "aaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzz" emails

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  • Jason
    Nov 22, 2005
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      From: "Nicolas Riendeau" <knightr@...>
      To: "Jason" <pg@...>
      Cc: <postfix-users@...>
      Sent: Wednesday, November 23, 2005 1:15 PM
      Subject: Re: Fw: I'm sending "aaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzz" emails

      > Hi!
      > > What library have you linked against Postfix and which patches (if
      > > any) have you applied to it? It might be a good idea to look that way
      > > too...
      > > > No, no patches. Strictly installed from an rpm.
      > You mean by that it it was precompiled? Are you sure that no patches
      > were applied by the maintainer(s)?
      >>> You could also try to put a quarantine (static:hold in your
      >>> restrictions)/deferral (could be done on the transport level) on every
      >>> thing that tries to leave your local domain...
      >> I don't understand this (I'm quite new to postfix), and what's the
      >> benefit?
      >>> Good luck!
      >>> Nick
      > The idea would be to try to isolate the problem... Is the problem
      > happening when you're communicating with the server or when the
      > server tries to relay it to the outside...
      > My guess is (based on the fact that the problem only seems to happen
      > when you send to the outside) that the problem seems to be when the
      > message is sent back to the outside (after having been received) but
      > trying to hold the message could let you confirm whether this is
      > really the case or not...
      > Do you have any other pc/server you could temporarily setup as another
      > mail server which would be on the same network as your other mail server
      > and to which you could try relaying some emails so that you could see if
      > the problem happens when the two servers are on the same network (or
      > could you sniff the traffic of a test message to see what gets sent
      > by your mail server?).

      But if I don't use generic to modify the domain name (change all outgoing
      mail from users@chinamial to users@...), this "a to z" thing won't


      > Good luck!
      > Nick
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