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186748Re: Fw: I'm sending "aaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzzaaazzz" emails

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  • Nicolas Riendeau
    Nov 22, 2005

      Jason wrote:

      > No, I'm NOT using the postfix server that I'm asking for help to send
      > this email. In fact, this email is not sent by postfix, it's by sendmail
      > + Mailscanner. And the postfix server that's in problem is not using
      > mailscanner.
      > Jason

      Oops, you're right... I should have looked at the headers more closely...

      If you do a search in Google for that string you'll see that other
      people had it in the past but nobody seemed to have found the reason why...

      What library have you linked against Postfix and which patches (if any)
      have you applied to it? It might be a good idea to look that way too...

      Do you have a content filter?

      The server for newhonest.com is a different server if I understood your
      mail correctly... Is it behind something that affects SMTP
      communications like a Pix firewall or something similar...

      You could also try to put a quarantine (static:hold in your
      restrictions)/deferral (could be done on the transport level) on every
      thing that tries to leave your local domain...

      Good luck!

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