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186740Re: Possible SPAM mitigation trick

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  • mouss
    Nov 22, 2005
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      Covington, Chris a écrit :
      > Guys,
      > This is what I've setup:
      > fauxmx01.plusone.com MX 10 (fake MX, non-responding <network> IP)
      > nymeta01.plusone.com MX 20 (real MX)
      > nymeta02.plusone.com MX 20 (real MX)
      > fauxmx02.plusone.com MX 30 (fake MX, non-responding <broadcast> IP)
      > This will slow down the "sneak in through the presumably
      > less-restrictive, lower-priority MX" as well as the "go
      > straight to the highest-priority MX" direct-to-MXers. And
      > it uses no IPs, if you use your network and broadcast IPs.
      > I wonder if this can be used in place of greylisting...

      no, this is different than GL:

      here, every host (legit or not) will try MX1, then if compliant, will
      try MX2. legit systems are thus somewhat penalized.

      In GL, once a host has been "automatically whitelisted", it is no more

      Also here, a spamware that tries second MX won't be blocked. while in GL
      it will be deferred.

      so the approaches may be used together. I personally don't feel playing
      these MX games.
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