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Metal Ingot Quotation

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  • Ada
    Dear manager, We are leading Copper Metal manufacturer. Our factory produce: Copper Ingot, Copper wire,Copper Powder,Copper Bar,Copper Cathode,Copper Cathode
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2013
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      Dear manager,

      We are leading Copper Metal manufacturer.

      Our factory produce: Copper Ingot, Copper wire,Copper Powder,Copper Bar,Copper Cathode,Copper Cathode Powder, Scrap Copper, etc.

      Another attach:Lead Ingot, Zinc Ingot,Aluminum Ingot,Magnesium Ingot,Different Alloy Ingot,Tin Ingot,etc.

      With superior quality and competitive price.

      If you need,feel free email us.


      Thanks & Regards

      Sales Manager
      Nanjing Guangying Chemical Co.,Ltd.
      Mail: ada@...
      Web: www.gyingchemical.com

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