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  • Gerry Swiss
    *************************************** Momentum & Price Alert Mobile Assets Corp. (Pink Sheets: MBAP) *************************************** Prepared For:
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 18, 2005
      alesha misfeldt
      Extremely Urguent Notice for alesha misfeldt
      Momentum & Price Alert

      Mobile Assets Corp. (Pink Sheets: MBAP)

      Prepared For: alesha misfeldt
      Delivered Via: Express Email Delivery

      We told you to watch this one like a hawk! MBAP started out at a penny yesterday and that penny turned to 2 for most of the day settling at 90% up. Still, in our opinion, ridiculous.

      We told you yesterday we thought this Company could be one of the toppers for the summer and if today is any indication of what lies ahead, we might be right.  90% gain today , up as high as 125%.  These low pennies can sometimes take off like rockets and better yet, this looks like a red hot penny going to the moon. KEEP the watch...

      Keep your eyes glued on MBAP!

      Micropayments and Pay-by-Cell are the wave of the future. (MBAP is there!)


      Why MBAP you ask?
      Because, there are Over 180 Million cell subscribers, over 60% of the US  population alone. Furthermore, worldwide revenue from mobile data services will rise from $61 billion in 2004 to $189 billion in 2009, according to Strategy Analytics.

      A cellphone is not just a cellphone anymore.
      I bet you not that long ago if someone would have told you that you would be doing text messaging, downloading business applications, accessing the Internet, paying for tolls, parking meters etc., you would have said, "OH YEAH RIGHT!"   Well, here we are folks.  Our cellphones have not only become a major part of our lives, it appears as though the possibilities with our cellphones are endless. 

      With 180 million cell subscribers and growing yearly the masterful marketing minds are quickly generating new ideas to cash in on.  It's all about marketing as usual and about making our already complicated lives more easy.  The largest source of revenues will be communication, includes various forms of text messaging, as well as photo and video messaging.  This sector will account for 46% of mobile revenues in 2009.  Lets not forget mobile entertainment, notably ring-tones, games, music/media, and sports related content which will also constitute a notable chunk of the global data revenues pie at 28%.

      As with the computer the cellphone industry is quickly finding out that with this massive growth industry, security has also become a huge issue. Mobile security threats like the stealing of Paris Hiltons personal info brought this problem into the mainstream media, including a recent cell phone virus in Europe that quickly spread to 16 countries in 6 months.

      If you read on you will begin to understand how MBAP has many of the answers needed right now. Like we said in the beginning, MBAP is riding the technology wave, on the cutting edge.  Read on.

      1. MBAP has a diversified product base: Content Aggregation and Reselling, Mobile Transactions, Mobile Productivity, Mobile Personal Assistant, and Mobile Security.
      2. MBAP recently appointed International business developer, Hans Ngo as Master Distributor for the Asia-Pacific zone. (Appointing noted developers)
      3. MBAP has signed an Agreement to market and distribute the VVS Technology Virtual Video Systems (Canada) Inc. (Mobile video content!)
      4. Content is king, and MBAP is on the leading edge of the multi billion dollar market.
      5. MBAP is aiming for the over 180 million US wireless customers, and the worldwide market. (Over 60% of the US population!)
      6. MBAP notes that wireless operators in Europe and the Asia-Pacific region have seen greater earnings from data applications, rising as much as 20% of total revenues. (A growing international data market)
      7. Content is not only Video, Web, Information and Audio, but also mobile Gaming.
      8. They say Mobile gaming will reach over $2 billion by 2006.
      9. MBAP is also concentrating on its, My Mobile Agent, for the Real Estate industry. (Diversification)
      10. My Mobile Agent ties togeter Mobile Technology to provide tools for both Agents and Buyers. (Business and consumers)
      11. MBAP's Mobile Personal Assistant uses Predictive Intelligence. (Advanced artificial intelligence)
      12. MBAP's Mobile Gold allows for the processing of micro-payments over cell phones. (Already popular in Japan)
      13. Micro-payments with cell phones are now being used in Canada for parking fees.
      14. Micro-payments and Pay-by-Cell are the wave of the future. (MBAP is there!)
      15. MBAP  recently began a new operating Division; M-Defend that will provide a portfolio of security services to protect wireless and mobile users from malicious harm.  (Security issues are not just for computers anymore)
      16. MBAP mobile security solutions are the first security services provider dedicated to protecting businesses and consumers from developing mobile security issues.  17. MBAP joins leading anti-virus and security companies in recognizing the growing and potential mobile security threats.
      17. Recent mobile security threats like the stealing of Paris Hiltons personal info brought the problem into the mainstream media. 19. A recent cell phone virus in Europe spread to 16 countries in 6 months. (Real world risks, now)
      18. Consumers are using data services more and more, increasing the risk but MBAP is there with M-Defend.
      19. MBAP has offices in La Vegas, Toronto, Ontario, India, The Philippines and development offices in Amsterdam, Netherlands. (International in scope)
      20. Major cell phone manufacturers, Nokia, Motorola, and Siemans, recognize the mobile virus threat.

      On the appointment of Hans Ngo; Mobile Assets President and CEO, Peter Zmudzki commented: “Mobile Assets is committed to an aggressive global expansion strategy beginning with representation in the Asia/Pacific region. Hans will help us penetrate this market rapidly. "On the launch of M-Defend Mobile Assets President and CEO, Peter Zmudzki commented: “As it is with the Internet, security challenges are now finding their way into the mobile environment. I think the recent example of Paris Hilton's phone records provides an excellent example of the contemporary challenges companies and individuals face as the migration to mobile devices continues."

      With a diverse product base, 160 million people using a product you cater to, experienced management, and realistic ambitions, MBAP looks top be in the right place at the right time in a market that continues to expand at the speed of light. Keep your eyes glued on MBAP this week and watch for NEWS.  We all know that when these companies hire us it is usually because they have a lot to say to you.


      Disc.laimer, All material herein has been  prepared based upon information believed to be reliable. The  information contained herein is not guaranteed to be accurate, and  should not be considered to be all-inclusive. The companies that are discussed in this opinion have not always approved the statements made in this opinion.  This opinion contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties. As with many pink sheet and bulletin board companies this company has relied on loans from officers or directors to pay expenses.  There has also been no revenue or nominal revenue in the most recent quarter.  This material is for informational purposes only and should not  be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell  securities. We are not a licensed broker, broker dealer, market maker,  investment banker, investment advisor, analyst or underwriter. Please consult a  broker before purchasing or selling any securities viewed or mentioned  herein.  We have been compensated by a third party  shareholder, or with cash from the company on  behalf of one or more of the companies mentioned in this opinion. We have been promised pay which could equal up to fifty-thousand dollars. In addition to any compensation mentioned above, additional compensation can be equal to ten percent of any newly issued or registered securities of the profiled companies. Our affiliates, officers, directors and employees may also have bought or may buy the shares discussed in this opinion and may profit in the event those shares rise in value. We will not advise as to when it decides to sell and does not and will not offer any opinion as to when others should sell; each investor must make that decision based on his or her judgment of the market.  If you are not a savvy investor of the pink sheets and bulletin boards you should be very careful.  These stocks can be very violative and swing huge in either direction.  Sit back and watch. 

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