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Tue could be interesting.

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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2005
      News was released

      Human Science Systems Plans European Distribution

      In April of 2005, Gartner reported that it anticipates European technology spending to reach EUR 185 billion (225 billion USdollars) by 2008, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 3.9%. Business Insights recently reported that the global market for contact center component technology will have grown to 5.1 billiondollars by 2008.

      Human Science Systems, Inc.

      An enormous task simplified.
      Until now, no single piece of technology can track information on all people regarding all activities, for one simple reason. The activities are all generated and tracked by different technologies.

      This news was released Wed.
      Investor Seeks to Acquire up to 33% of Public Float

      1. Datamonitor states that the US contact center market reached a volume of 76,000 contact centers in 2001 and that by the end of 2006 that number will exceed 79,600 contact centers.
      2. Contact center reporting and data tracking has always been burdensome, more so with the incorporation of the various technologies required to successfully be competitive in the industry.
      3. Today's contact center requires a responsiveness that can only be achieved with timely and accurate insight into business conditions, but this is not easily accomplished in the absence of methods and technology to easily collect data from numerous disparate sources.
      4. Contact centers are looking to replace manual or semi-automated methods of data collection and dissemination because they are not only burdensome, but highly inaccurate and complex.
      5. HMNS principals have an established track record as industry experts going back over 15 years and have high level contacts in all of the top tier contact centers. Top tier contact centers generate over 100 million dollars per year within the North American market.
      6. HMNS has patentable methods and technologies and recently retained a well known technology patent attorney to process its applications for the protection of its intellectual property.
      7. A recent report by Empire Research Associates stated that the company could achieve rapid market share penetration in the contact center industry market segment and that a 5% market share level in five years would be plausible. With a mere 5% market share, a 40% sales margin (fully taxed) would imply 10 milliondollars of net income in 2010. In that event, the report noted that on the present 17.6 million shares, earnings would exceed $0.50 per share. The report concluded that "The target market is large and enticing to HMNS and we believe the Company's product has a good chance of hitting it!"
      8. The company is negotiating distributorships through software distributors that currently generate billions of dollars in revenue from the center industry
      9. HMNS will generate revenue not only from software sales, but from Application Service Provider (ASP) services (from customers that "subscribe" to the technology and access it by the Internet), from installation (billable at 12% of the total software sale), and recurring maintenance (recurring annual revenue billable at 18% of the value of the software).
      10. Datamonitor recently estimated the global market for call center component technologies at 4.1 billiondollars, and predicts an in%crease to 5.5 billiondollars by 2007, growing at a 6.0% compounded annual growth rate.
      11. Gartner also reports positive and stable growth for software distributors, stating that end user spending was to exceed 76.1 billiondollars by the end of 2005.
      12. Last year alone, U.S. banks were forecasted to spend 1.9 billiondollars on contact center technology.
        Human Science Systems, Inc. (Pink Sheets: HMNS) is a contact center software development firm. Its flagship product, Central AuthorityT serves one main purpose: To be a single point of contact for all data generated in the contact center. Central AuthorityT can track and disseminate all data generated in the contact center, regardless of the technology where the data originated.

        Central AuthorityT is a Contact Center Resource Management (CCRMT) product. CCRM is the act of managing data regarding all human, physical and technical resources within the contact center. Contact center resources can all be categorized under four distinct umbrellas: employees, technology, capacity, and clients. It may be hard to believe, but the reality is that all functions within the contact center fall under one of those four categories, and our company has come up with a method and a technology that allows departments to easily exchange and leverage valuable data on a real-time basis."

        What are contact centers?
        Few people today know exactly what a contact center does. Its predecessor, the call center, brings to mind large telemarketing operations with people calling your house during dinner time. But the fact is that the contact center is much more than that.

        We see 800 numbers everywhere - the back of our creditcards, the fast food drive-thru window, I'll bet even your bottle of water has a phone number to call with questions. The fact is that wherever there is an 800 number, there is a person answering the call. Not just a person, but millions of people in North America alone, across a staggering 76,000+ contact centers.

        It used to be the contact center only handled inbound customer service calls and outbound sales calls. That was before the proliferation of the Internet - now these same customer service reps are waiting for our phone calls, our faxes, our emails and our web chats. We can call from our offices, home phones, cell phones - even from our computers - Americans generate hundreds of millions of transactions each year for contact centers and the industry has grown by leaps and bounds. So aggressive is the growth that today, we are as likely to get someone in California to answer our call as we are to get someone in India.

        Contact centers in North America handle MILLIONS of transactions each year. For each type of transaction there is a technology that supports it. Automatic call distributors for inbound calls, interactive voice response systems (the dreaded "press 1") for self service, email and web servers. In the midst of all of this disparate technology, contact centers began to lose track of a very important piece of their puzzle: INFORMATION.

        Lou Mandic, HMNS CEO & President: "This technology was born out of years worth of research. We are well engrained in this industry and are keenly aware of its needs. We are without a doubt delivering the most mission critical software in the industry today. We anticipate rapid growth, which is not uncommon in our industry. By its fourth year of operation, Blue Pumpkin - a company that provides only a portion of what Central Authority offers - had already captured a 7% market share. A far lesser market share will have our company earning better than 10 million dollars annually."

        Central AuthorityT is a software product that fills the role of a central repository of data. Through meta data tables, the software is able to "read" all other technologies, and act as a central point of contact for the enterprise. The software also collects data inherently (this is data entered directly into Central AuthorityT, not collected from other systems) on employees, recruiting sources and performance, enabling the organization to better manage its human resource processes and reducing its turnover, which can be as high as 200% in the contact center industry.

        The problem with inter-departmental communications is not exclusive to the contact center industry. It is a problem for corporate America as a whole. Companies like Human Science Systems are delivering the next mission critical piece of software - one that can normalize all data, across all technologies, and act as a single, central point of contact for the enterprise.

      Keep your eye out for news and
      Watch this company starting Tuesday!


      This email was prepared based upon public information believed to be reliable. The information contained herein is notguaranteed by us to be accurate, and should not be considered to be all-inclusive. The company that we discussed in this opinion have approved the statements made in this opinion. This opinion contains forward-lookingstatements that involve risks and uncertainties. This material is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as anoffer or solicitation of anoffer to purchase or sell securities. This company like many on the pinksheets and bulletin boards does have a nominal cash position, no revenue or nominal revenue in its most recent quarter and has relied on loans from officers or directors to pay expenses.. Be aware We are not a licensed broker, broker dealer, market maker, investment banker, investmentadvisor, analyst or underwriter. Please consult a broker before purchasing or selling any securities mentioned herein. We have been compensated by third party shareholders or with cash from the company on behalf of one or more of the companies mentioned in this opinion. Third world investments is the third party. We have been compensated two million five hundred thousand grats trading shares for advertising HMNS. We do intend to sell all shares. We have sold approximately zero HMNS shares to date. In addition to any compensation mentioned above, additional compensation can be equal to ten percent of any newly issued or registered securities of the profiled companies. Our affiliates, officers, directors and employees may also have bought or may purchase the shares discussed in this opinion and may financially gain in the event those shares rise in value. We will not advise as to when it decides to sell and does not and will not provide any opinion as to when others should sell; each investor must make that decision based on his or her judgment .

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