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    Email Marketing Servi Email Marketing Services Newsletter We are the one stop shop for all your e-mail marketing needs and solutions. Dear Subscriber , A quick
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      Email Marketing Servi

      Email Marketing Services Newsletter

      We are the one stop shop for all your e-mail marketing needs and solutions.

      Dear Subscriber ,

      A quick note to remind you of what we can do for you should you consider giving our services a try .

      A. We can email your lists and leads for you.

      B. We can email your ad or message to our Opt-in targeted lists.

      C. Provide you with a dedicated mailing server.

      Use our email marketing services to cost effectively and rapidly grow your businesses.  Emailing has become a tough business for now, but with the new spam laws we have started to notice an improvement in response.  It is difficult to find cost effective email services today yet we provide you with a professional email marketing solution for you to email to your lists or email to our targeted lists at very inexpensive prices.

      Email Marketing Service A:  Mailing List Management

        When we mail for you you won't have to worry about spam complaints or whether you are following the CAN SPAM act correctly.  We'll take care of that for you.  Just send us your opt in subscriber base or leads  and we'll be able to send out your approved ad even as soon as 24 hours. 

      • Email from our servers and don't worry about spam complaints.
      • Valid From E-mail addresses .
      • We will handle the removals.
      • Full report of the Sent, Bounced and bad e-mail addresses.
      • We will ensure all email campaigns are 100% CAN SPAM compliant.
      • We have contractual relationships with the major ISP's which allows for greater email delivery rates.
      • Real-time sending reports
      • Real-time click-through reports
      • Real-time open-view email reports
      • Embed images in emails
      • Upload your email list
      • Utilize our email list
      • Supports html and text emails
      • Also supports flash email ads
      • We can start sending within 24 hours after receiving your ad copy.
      • Send up to 10 million emails a day!

      Email Marketing Service B:  Targeted Email Campaigns

        If you do not wish to purchase leads or if you do not have a sizable list, you can purchase solo email blasts to our lists of up to 550million subscribers.  We have all sorts of targeted lists , segmented by country and type of activity . Just let us know your target audience and we'll most likely be able to find a targeted list.  Your ad can be out the door within 24 hours once your email ad copy is approved. 

      Use our email lists to help you:

      • Brand your business.
      • Sell your products directly.
      • Sell your services directly.
      • Sell your business opportunities directly.
      • Generate leads for your business. 
      • Generate leads for other people's businesses to sell to them.
      • Inexpensively test your ad copy before you spend thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands on a new direct mail campaign.


      Use our Subscriber Lists!

      • Used by many fortune 500 companies, even government agencies!
      • CAN SPAM compliant!  Email massive quantities without worry.  You don't need to worry about spam complaints, legal issues or ISP problems.  In fact we list our own address in the emails to be CAN SPAM compliant since thee are our own lists.
      • Legal Bulk Email Marketing Campaigns
      • White listed with AOL!
      • Large return customer rate.
      • Key word targeting to targeted lists.  You can indicate your target audience.
      • You can use multiple subject lines.  We'll rotate them for you.
      • Valid from email addresses.
      • We can have your campaign "out the door" within 24 hours.
      • Send text ads or html ads.
      • We handle all removal requests .

      Email Marketing Service C:  Dedicated Mailing Server.

      • 24/7 real log in time.

      • Change the ad or message any time you want.

      • Opt-in lists uploaded.

      • 24/7 full support.

      • Valid From email addresses.

      • 100% Up Time, Money Back Guarantee.

      • P4 1.7 G CPU, 512Mb Ram, 40 G Hard drive, 10 M internet connection . Rotating IP addresses.

      To receive full information about our services, Click here and tell us what exactly your are looking for ,our support will contact you immediately with full details and prices.

      You are receiving this message because you have opted in to our e-marketing services newsletter ,to opt-out kindly click here.

         your e-email address will immediately be removed  from our list
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