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Software development

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  • Irina Juhimchuk
    Dear Sir or Madam, We are a Czech-Ukrainian custom software company located in Zhitomir, Ukraine (Eastern Europe), founded 2004. INP Software is dealing with
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      Dear Sir or Madam,

      We are a Czech-Ukrainian custom software company located in Zhitomir, Ukraine (Eastern Europe), founded 2004. INP Software is dealing with full programming of small and long-lasting projects. We have applied our broad experience in successfully developed applications for clients worldwide especially from the USA, UK, Israel, Germany, Austria, Czech, Switzerland and Ukraine.

      We are searching for IT projects for outsourcing and we can provide software solutions of your business process.

      Our advantages are:

      1) Professional development & Very competitive price.
      2) You pay only for the product & You cut costs on the office, administrative staff, taxes, vacations, etc.
      3) Qualitative software & In time
      4) Flexibility & achievement of a desired result
      5) Broad experience & new ideas

      Experience of the team:

      Development Skills
      Database design

      We have experts on design and maintenance of various databases (MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Interbase/Firebird) on different platforms (Windows and Linux).

      Delphi and Lazarus Development

      Main specialization of Delphi team is development of visual/non-visual components and desktop applications for Microsoft Windows. Team has big experience and expert knowledge in Windows API, plain text and HTML/CSS parsing, graphics, and components building as well as in other directions. We also have a professional to create graphical applications using the DirectX and OpenGL. We also have experts to create cross-platform applications (Windows and Linux) on FreePascal in Lazarus.

      PHP Development

      PHP team has good experience in development of Web applications with PHP as well as client-side programming using the HTML/XHTML, AJAX, JSON technologies and data validation methods. Our knowledge include C/C++/Perl/PHP/JavaScript and other languages, DHTML/CSS/ designing. We have big practice in SQL, PostgreSql/mysql/mssql, jQuery/Prototype frameworks, Linux administration, and many other development skills.

      C# Development

      Main specialization of C# team is a full-cycle Internet and desktop application development with C# and ASP.NET. Team has big experience in both platforms: Windows (.net framework) and Linux (mono). Used different sql-servers: MS SQL, PostgreSQL or multi-sql (NHibernate), the same way a lot of APIs: MS SQL, MS Exchange, SharePoint services etc.

      Flash development

      In our company Flash technology is used for well-looking scalable user interface components, such as Charts based on XML data. In Internet-based application we use Flex as often as Flash, e.g. for map viewing technologies, or for interactive chats that provide audio and video intercommunication via Flash Media Server or Red5.

      Best regards,

      Irina Juhimchuk
      INP Software
      Dovzhenka 64

      E-Mail: cooperation@...

      Tel.: +380 982 743 656
      Tel.: +380 667 109 546
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