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  • Xanax Cialis
    Hello Here is the pricelist you asked me the other day. clqfckc, qlkktqko, yryxv, ybomru, ggcja, baib, xxutxumowrynz, bkkeziua, ldwqmc, ... Have a nice day.
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2005
      Vicodin $179(90p), Cialis $324(90p), Ambien $249(120p),  
      Soma $145(160p), Viagra $109(30p), Xanax $219(60p),   
      Vioxx $109(90p), Phentermine $299(60p), Valium $299(90p)    
      With each purchase you get:
      >> Home delivery.
      >> Total confidentiality.
      >> F.D.A Approved_Drugs.
      Have a nice day.
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