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    Tradestar Corporation Announces Barnett Shale Option Friday February 25, 9:09 am ET Tradestar CEO, Tom Feimster stated, This is one of those once-in-a-
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2005

      Tradestar Corporation Announces Barnett Shale Option
      Friday February 25, 9:09 am ET

      Tradestar CEO, Tom Feimster stated, "This is one of those 'once-in-a- lifetime' opportunities. Tradestar is committed to producing the Barnett Shale in a big, big way. This acquisition would put Tradestar in an elite class of producers, the big leagues if you will." ( The acreage has 2 existing wells that can be horizontally re-entered and an additional 9 new horizontal well locations. Reserves are estimated at 2-4 bcf per well, with daily production estimated at 1,500 mcf per day, per well. If acquired, this field would give Tradestar a total of 15 Barnett Shale locations in Parker and Erath counties. Tradestar expects due diligence to be completed in 3-4 weeks. Partial clip of the news.  Go to yahoo or any financial news site to read the entire release)

      Professional traders often say, "Make the trend your friend."
      Emerging Energy Stocks
      Tradestar Corporation (Pumping out the oil right now)
                                                   OTC Pink Sheets: TIRR (Past the dream stage)
      Tradestar Corporation Announces First Oil Sales From Karnes County Project
      today announces the first sales of oil from its 4 well field in Karnes County, Texas. Since completing the rework project in early February, Tradestar has sold a total of 529 barrels of oil at $44 per barrel.

      Initially expected to yield 30 barrels of oil per day, the Hysaw-Hobson prospect has exceeded company expectations by 30%. Tradestar acquired the field in September 2004 and began recompletion efforts in early January 2005. The field, which had not produced more than 8 barrels of oil per day since 1997, is now producing 38-40 barrels of oil per day, and more than 1,200 barrels of oil per month. (partial clip, go to yahoo or any financial site to read the news now.)

      Tradestar Corporation is an independent energy company  engaged in the exploration, development, exploitation and acquisition of on-shore oil and natural gas properties in conventional producing areas of the United States.

      The company was incorporated in the State of Oklahoma in 1982. Tradestar strives to enhance asset value by expanding oil and natural gas reserves, raising production levels and increasing cash flow. Tradestar intends to foster its growth as an independent oil and natural gas company by investing in only
      proven producing wells.

      They conduct their primary operations in Texas, but have the capability to manage properties in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Louisiana. They strive to enhance asset value by expanding oil and natural gas reserves, raising production levels and increasing cash flow.

      Management Comments:

      On the acquisition of a 100% working interest in a 4 well oil field in Karnes County, Texas. Tradestar CEO Tom Feimster stated: "This is exactly the type of project that Tradestar is committed to undertake." Regarding the start of production from Well 4A, Tradestar CEO Tom Feimster commented: "The production of oil from the 4A well is a bonus because the well had been off line for so long that no one really knew what it could produce, or if it could
      produce at all, and here we are with a well that should net $250,000 per year to our bottom line."Feimster continued, "I don't care who you are, that's a nice bonus!" Tradestar CEO Tom Feimster said, in regard to the move into Natural Gas: "This is a great opportunity for Tradestar and we are very excited with this project. Barnett Shale production is the proverbial promised land right now. You just can't miss a well."


      In order to solve the current energy crisis independent energy producers like TIRR are doing their part. TIRR is in a great position to succeed in this growing and profitable market.

      Keeping overhead low, coming in Under Budget, an experienced management team, sites that are producing right now, and a realistic growth plan, they look to be here for the long haul and right here in America! 

       The watch starts right now.   It's Radar time.....
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