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{D}urgently await to hearing from you {O}

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    {20080530023420} J Dear Sir How are you doing?. My intention of contacting you is to solicit your assistance for a project, whichwill be mutually beneficial.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 29, 2008
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      Dear Sir

      How are you doing?. My intention of contacting you is to solicit your assistance for a project,
      whichwill be mutually beneficial. Though I know my decision to contact you is to a large extent
      unconventional, the prevailing circumstances necessitated my action and I know this mail will
      come as a suprise to you but from a sincere heart with honest desire for your assistance.

      In a brief introduction, My name is Kevin Richard from Sierra Leone.It is my pleasure
      communicating with you for the first time and believing that it will lead to a better
      relationship between us. I have an inheritance which was left for me by late father but
      the bank said they were instructed by my late father during depositing of the money,that
      it is only his business partner that is authorised to withdraw the money because of my age
      when he made the agreement with the bank but now my father is late and was killed by this
      his partner who was suppose to withdraw the money and give to me according to mylate father's
      instruction and because of this, I am afraid and of contacting the man or letting him know I
      want to withdraw the money and I will never let him know about the money or call him. So right
      now I have explained to the Bank Manager incharge about the situation and he said I should
      introduce another business partner of my late father to withdraw the money for me transfer
      it to their country immediately and base on this, I checked through your country profile in
      our chamber of commerce and saw your details and I decided to contact you for this assistance
      since I have the plan to come and settle down in your country and invest. I will please want
      you to stand as my late father's business partner in claiming the money from the bank where
      it is right now. And please I also want to let you know according to the Bank Manager, that
      this will involve a little expenses because the Bank said my father's partner will have to
      make a change of beneficiary and as well as obtain the remittance clearance documents from
      the Ministries concerned so that all the inittial documents of the deposit will read your
      name befor remittance to your country and the total amount in the account for withdrawal is

      Note that I resolved to compensate you with 30% of the total sum if only you can assist me
      faithfully to claim the money and assist me also in investing the money in any lucrative
      business in your country or anywhere in the world you may deam ok and every expenses incured
      in moving the money to your country account, will be refunded with interest.
      Further to this, please I will give you more detail and forward all vital
      information to you as soon as I hear from you. Note also that the Bank Manager said I should
      give you his private telephone number to call him incase you find it necessary for any reason.

      Please respond to this mail through this email address: kevinrichard72@...

      Regards as I urgently await to hearing from you.

      Kevin Richard


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