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As they approached the sailboat Rita read the name on its bow.

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  • ghhhj lenneberg
    C.Y-T V T*akes Inve .stors F.o r Seco.nd Climb ! Eve_ryo_ne Is W,a-tching C Y T+V ! CH*INA YO_UTV C O_R+P (C-Y.TV.OB) $0.4,6 UP F R.O,M .*3 2 LASTW EEK C.Y T V
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2007
      C.Y-T'V T*akes Inve .stors F.o'r Seco.nd Climb !
      Eve_ryo_ne Is W,a-tching C'Y T+V'!
      $0.4,6 UP F'R.O,M .*3 2 LASTW'EEK
      C.Y T V c ontinue's i_t's s teady c,limb f o_r t-h,e sec_ond w*eek. St'ock report*_ing s_ites acros*s t+h.e boa'rd a,r+e issuin-g
      st ock watc+h not ices . R-e a+d t_h_e ne ws, l-o'o+k at t-h e n-um+bers, a-n d g-e't on C*Y-T-V as it k*eeps i,t,s cl,imb g oing.
      B+usi.nessNewsNow h,a s re le,ased C*Y_T V as f+-eatured Stoc*_kWatch.
      T+h+i s o+n-e is st*ill c'ook'ing. Go r-e_a.d t_h_e n*e,w_s a*n'd g'e+t on C_Y*T V Th.urs,day 16th_.!
      Enjo_y t*h.e R+i'd-e as we a're.....
      G-O+O'D L'U C*K T-RADING AT T.H.E T-OP!!!
      R.obert P+lant - B+e*s t Bal*lads - Tra*ck12.
      He o-n+l*y aske'd of h i'm to be m,o*r*e a'n.d m,o.r-e al ive.
      W*h'y n.o't an Ir_ish o,n.e..
      I gr*unted t_h_e lau'nch'er a+round to po*int op posit.e Deimo-_s's orbita_l p_a.t_h..
      As it t-urns o'u-t,, the*se c.aused s_o m*e k.e y d esign de cisi.ons t_h,a*t h a*v+e r-eally comp'licat,ed t,h_e d'esigns.
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