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More dresses were spread-eagled, more price tags squinted at.

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  • mohammd folkes
    T-h-i_s g,e-m is re*ally mo+va ble!! T*h i*s o*n e is re,ally p*rofitable!!_! H,a+v*e y,o_u b.e e*n w_atc*hing t.h_i s f_o+r t_h e l-a,s.t w*e e k_? T.a+k,e a
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 15, 2007
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      T-h-i_s g,e-m is re*ally mo+va'ble!!
      T*h i*s o*n'e is re,ally p*rofitable!!_!
      H,a+v*e y,o_u b.e'e*n w_atc*hing t.h_i s f_o+r t_h'e l-a,s.t w*e e k_?
      T.a+k,e a l'o+o.k at it:
      rec_ent n.e*w*s releas+e*s s+e,n*t generati-n,g grow,ing i'nte+rest in C*Y_T.V
      Compa,ny-: CH,INA YO,UTV C*O R.P ('O_T.C BB:C,YTV.OB )
      S t o c k: C'Y,T.V
      Curr*ent Pr'ice: $ .,4_9
      4*t_h Str*aigh_t d,a+y,s we h*a*v.e s*e-e.n t*h,i's c limb. (*S.e+e Yaho o Cha_rt-N_ew N.e,w.s relea'se)
      T_h.i_s o n*e h_a.s h,a_d n_i-c.e return-s f'o-r in.vesto.rs o v*e_r t*h*e sum_mer, and
      n,o.w s'hows pr,omise to b,egin a s'econd w+a_v_e of ret_urns.
      K-e*e.p a e'y e o'u*t ag+ain on We.d'nesday A u+g 15*....
      In s.o_m'e instanc+_es, it m,a_y be intere-s_ting to h a.v'e a diffe',rent f-ormat s.tring f_o_r t.h.e n ames of pack-'ages t_h a t a r*e u,s,e+d w,h.e_n cr,ea*ting C_L X applic.atio-ns.
      On t-h'e othe_r s_i d'e of t-h_e ho+use an i'mmense f,i-r e h-a_d bu,rned its'elf i,n,t+o c+lear em,bers a'n.d s.h'e*d a stea'dy, r_e.d rev,erber*ation, co ntrasted stron gl y w-i t h t-h'e m,ellow pale n_ess of t*h,e m o+o+n,.
      Y.o,u c.a*n locat,e a sp.ec ific po-rtion of a f,i l e by t,i.m'e ('i*n hour.s, min'ute_s, secon .ds, a n.d frames,) or by cha-pter valu_e.
      An el-eph+antine-like ar+mo+ured c-a.r raise*d i t s c-anno'n-trunk on t*h.e s+quare.
      T.h,e O+d_e's of Kea'ts.
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