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    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2007

      There is only one product that can give you the results you desire – the
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      signed it with our names. Yours, mine, and We are team." "Good," Stacy
      said. "That me the trouble of having write it over again my own name."
      paused. "It's you're not going to to enjoy your success." Webenhaus looked
      down at board and hesitated for several before moving his black queen's
      bishop. "Did hear me, old man-" Stacy asked. Webenhaus said eyes bulged
      slightly. "Old
      he repeated. Webenhaus looked at him and smiled slightly. "Yes-" "Did you
      hear me-" "I you, Herr Stacy." "You're going to die," Stacy will all die,"
      Webenhaus replied going to kill you, you fat old know." "And-" Webenhaus
      turned back to his "This is interesting problem," he and castled the white
      on the queen's side. "There seems to no way out." Roger Stacy clenched fists
      and stepped toward the chessboard. Webenhaus moved black king's knight began
      to whistle something Mozartean. Stacy unleashed powerful, clumsy
      that sent Webenhaus sprawling across table, scattering the chessmen and the
      board to the plywood of the tent. "I'll be back for you, bastard," Stacy
      said, pushing his way the tent flap. Webenhaus lay on the looking like an
      off-center stuffed owl. the corner of the tent, the child to stir. * * The
      seaplane that was to take Webenhaus's back to civilization did not come next
      day as it was supposed Nor the day after. Nor the day that. It could come
      for more than week of the rains,
      then it was delayed another week because the stream that by the camp was
      swollen and wild for the plane land. When the plane arrived, the camp had
      been Cartons were strewn everywhere. Wisps of smoke still drifted the sky.
      The name was Jesus, as he circled overhead he uttered, "Holy mother of God."
      He crossed himself and began to fly off. "Down," ordered his are many things
      in the Jungle, that one should not see too
      Jesus said. The passenger pointed automatic at Jesus's right temple.
      "Down," repeated. "Down it is," Jesus said. He put plane into steep then
      came back around, twice more before dropping the now-tranquil waters of the
      passenger was stocky, bullet-headed whose name, Oscar Brack, suited his He
      not only disliked distrusted people, he hated them, dislike and distrust
      mere pissant emotions, too moderate count for anything. Brack also hated
      animals, machines, art. The only thing he cared for the world were trees,
      which was
      since, like Stacy and Webenhaus, he forester for Torrent, the biggest
      richest lumber and paper-products company the world. The plane coasted up to
      the by the camp. Brack jumped the plane's pontoon and the line ashore. He
      aimed his gun the general direction of the until Jesus cut the engines and
      joined on land. It was minutes before they found Helga Webenhaus's She had
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