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Richard said he doesn't keep his own women's clothing.

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  • Workman J. Ralph
    George said it was tough but it wasn t horrible. Howard told Richard he had to take a short break but Richard was talking about how much he loves Barbra
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2007
      George said it was tough but it wasn't horrible.
      Howard told Richard he had to take a short break but Richard was talking about how much he loves Barbra Streissand. They were kind of tired after that.
      Howard ended up talking to Jerry for a short time and he was kind of drunk by that point so he was slurring his words and not making a lot of sense. but that was when they were at K-Rock. Richard said he can't do that because that's not his real voice.
      Howard wanted to do the duet with Richard.
      He went on to say that he's doing Letterman, Conan and now Jimmy Kimmel this week. Howard said that the really old studio really was tiny. '' Howard played the song and had the girls strip down to the music even though they couldn't all hear it. She was ready to fill him in but Howard said he knows he's talked about his weight and stuff like that. Robin told him about the gay dancers that were in there but he never did get to them.
      9:15amMike Walker's Gossip Game.
      He said when you tape a TV show you can't tell if it's good until you actually watch it. She said she wanted her 3 year old son to have a wonderful year. King might start charging him if he did that. He read the description of the spanking tapes and then moved on to Kimberly Taylor. Robin said that people had been asking her where Richard had been lately. He went over and talked to her about the Clay Aiken thing again. She said she turns on Howard's show during the day to help herself out though.
      Then Gayle said that some of the shit that he's put out about there about Oprah is kind of crazy.
      George said he was going to be with them all week long.
      He tried a second time but her answering machine picked up.
      '' George said that he's making some good money doing that show and they pay him for a full 8 days of work while he really only has to work for 2 of those 8. He said he doesn't know who Clint Holmes is but he knows that the show is going to fail. She was being kind of cryptic but said she was considering ending it all.
      Richard came in and Howard claimed that he was putting deodorant on his penis.
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