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3199Creativity and Innovation Newsletter - May 2005 Vol 1

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  • Innovation Thinktank
    May 31, 2005

      May 2005

      Seek a Creativity Driven Future
      Shifting Attitudes

      It has been estimated that, on average, 60-70% of the variance in investment return is attributed to enterprise specific decisions rather than fate. So, how much should be left to fate? Or, should one continually innovate and proactively shape the future?

      The theme in these semi-monthly newsletters by Kore Kalibre, titled Creativity and Innovation, has been consistent. Innovation can be and should be deliberated. Relying simply on co-incidence would be disadvantageous. This newsletter has answers to key questions, practical ideas and much more on how to innovate and shape future actions.

       Key Questions

      What have been the major technology revolutions in history?
      What technologies will shape the future?
      What is at the scientific frontier?
       Practical Ideas

      Customer may not know - Doug Hall, CEO Eureka Ranch
      Disruptive marketing - Michael Ruettgers, Chair EMC
      Fermentation, Frenzy, Fruition - Charney, Sr. VP Cisco
        Successful Pioneers

      Sam Walton - Walmart
      Todd Krasnow - Zoots
      Bernard Marcus - Home Depot
        Book Synopsis

      The Medici Effect - Frans Johansson
      Do Lunch or Be Lunch - Howard Stevenson
        Innovative Companies

      EMC - Reorients for Growth
      VeriSign - Online Security

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