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03/25/08: Slip n’ Slide

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  • Brian
    Change… It s a slippery slope! There are countless types of changes that we can make in our lives and none of them just magically happen. For some it is a
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 25, 2008
      Change… It's a slippery slope! There are countless types of changes
      that we can make in our lives and none of them just magically
      happen. For some it is a change in a way of thinking that no longer
      serves them. For some it's a change in habits that they adopted but
      no longer want to "play out" anymore. Others are just trying to
      change their outlook on life as a whole. In all of these
      circumstances there is a friction that can only be described
      as "oops!" moments.

      Let's take a common change that many people try to make, myself
      included, that has it's many great share of "oops!" moments,
      quitting smoking. It starts off great! Determination, thinking about
      all the positive things to gain from this new life. Saving money,
      breathing better and even SMELLING better!!! (LOLZ!) Then comes the
      change in routine and it gets a little different. All the space and
      time spent not smoking is spent thinking about not smoking. All the
      biological reactions impulsively take control. The next thing you
      know you are bartering with yourself and trying to make excuses as
      to why having "just one smoke" would be OK. And then…
      sometimes… "OOPS!"

      This is a pretty simplified explanation but the same concept applies
      to ALL forms of change when dealing with ones life. Sometimes,
      depending on the moment, what's happening in it, how you're feeling
      about it or even the company you are in can effect a decision you've
      made for the sake of change. Sometimes you have an "oops!" and you
      fall off the wagon so to speak. So… What do you do?

      If the change is for your highest good, then after the "Oops!" comes
      the feeling of it. It would be easy to call that guilt, shame or
      disappointment but I am re-framing this feeling. It is a
      reinforcement of the fact that the change you wanted to make is
      still the decision you desire. It is also the opportunity to forgive
      the "Oops!" and get back on the saddle.

      When you want to make a change it may not happen over night but in
      every moment you can make that same decision all over again. So when
      you slip and slide your way back to the beginning allow it to be
      just that… The beginning. Your new beginning starts today. Don't
      worry about the "oops!" that might happen later on down the road,
      pick yourself back up and start over. Remember, the journey of the
      change is not done until the change is a natural part of you and
      your decision making so… Practice makes perfect! ;)

      P, B & J,

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