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Re: [porcfest2007] PorcFest 2008 Possible Weeks

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  • Rich Goldman
    THIS IS THE LAST EMAIL I LL SEND TO THE PF07 LIST. TO STAY INFORMED/ INVOLVED, JOIN THE PF08 LIST AT http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ porcfest2008/ . So below
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 3, 2007
      INVOLVED, JOIN THE PF08 LIST AT http://groups.yahoo.com/group/
      porcfest2008/ .

      So below is my compilation of people's inputs on the various weeks:

      June 9-15
      Weather is expected to be more enjoyable / less hot
      Overlaps Bike Week
      (Too?) Early in the summer
      Alexanders have obligations during the week, can come by on the
      weekend (like this year)

      June 23-29
      Overlaps NASCAR, for better or worse
      Bride seems to be staying with that weekend now though, i.e. its

      August 18-24
      Tom: Burning Man Aug 18th until Sept 10th 2008, but will try to work
      Jim Blackie/GunstockAcres recommends this week (from the choices)
      Jason Sorens recommends
      May be too close to start of school in some states/regions
      Chris Lawless recommends
      Cathleen recommends
      Varrin recommends
      Jon Maltz sees as our only viable choice
      Ward Griffiths sees as best of available choices
      Concern about being too hot
      Gives us nearly a year to advertise and plan

      August 25-31
      Too late in the summer

      Reviewing these arguments, I think August 18-24 is the better week of
      the above choices. However, Jon raises an interesting suggestion/
      challenge that if we are able to organize everything to be in the
      campground area, this may be a better use of facilities and open
      other weeks. I've been pondering this option. Below are my comments
      and questions:

      -I agree, the separation/distance was rather annoying and it would
      be nice to keep things concentrated.
      -People would still have access to the Gunstock facilities (e.g.
      wireless, game room, etc.)
      -What about vending/vendors? Having the tables and chairs delivered
      to the camping area may be possible, but unless we get canopies,
      we're suck if it rains. Canopies are not cheap. Best I found online
      is $100 for a 10' x 10'. We are expecting a lot more vendors this year.
      -The weekday and evening activities are already going to be there
      -Poplar Field (across from the Bathrooms) and/or the Boardwalk are
      where we'd be looking.
      -How would we handle communal meals? Is it feasible for us to cook
      and sell our own food (with enough grills)? Alternatively, I can
      check to see if the caterer can cater down there. Or perhaps we can
      purchase food and bring it down there, similar to what was done for
      the cookoff.
      -Not using the main area may open up July 5th (Craft Fair) and 12th
      (Miss Winnipesaukee Pageant)
      -In general, how would we handle rain? What is the rain situation
      generally like in NH in August?
      -What would we do for the larger/main talks? Audio projection may
      not be too big a problem, but my main concern is if it rains. It will
      be trivial to cover the main speaker(s), but not several hundred
      people. If we do the week of 8/18, perhaps we can work a deal to
      keep the main lodge available in the event of rain.
      -With most non-campers attending on Friday and Saturday, it may be
      an issue shuffling all those people (and/or their cars) to the
      camping area. It seemed easier/cleaner to have those days events in
      the main area at the Gunstock entrance. Similarly, non-campers would
      have to buy Gunstock day passes to attend, whereas they don't if
      events are in the main area.
      -Depending on what equipment we'd have to buy or rent, this may save
      us a fair amount of money. It ended up being $1000 per weekend day
      for the Main Lodge, $600 for the Stockade on Saturday, and $250 for
      the Main Lodge Tent for the week. It was $2100 to buy all 10 camp
      sites in the Boardwalk area. Poplar Field is 32 sites. Both are
      water-electric. If we got Poplar Field, we'd be committed and have
      to (re)sell at least 22 sites to Porcupines.

      As always, please let me know what you think.

      On Aug 28, 2007, at 10:52 AM, Rich Goldman wrote:

      > So, talking with Gunstock, our options for next summer there are the
      > following weeks:
      > June 9-15
      > August 18-24
      > August 25-31
      > Any thoughts? I'm currently inclined towards August 18-24th...do you
      > think that's too late in the summer? My concern is the week of June
      > 9th will be too early in the summer.
      > -Rich
      > P.S. Those still only on the PF07 list, please accept my invite to
      > the PF08 list.
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