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Brian Faucher (Red)
Mar 22, 2013

Lloyd added you as a friend on Reunion.com!

Hi, I looked for you on Reunion.com, but you weren't there. Please connect with me so we can keep in touch. -Lloyd Do You Know Lloyd? YES - Connect with Lloyd,
Lloyd Danforth
Dec 17, 2008

PorcFest 2009 Volunteering

Hi. For those who want to volunteer in some way for PorcFest 2009 (scheduled for June 4-7 at Gunstock), please email Carla Gericke (the new Head Organizer of
Rich Goldman
Nov 11, 2008

I'm So Sorry! Re: Evenstar75@gmail.com has invited you to have a 3D

Everyone, I am EXTREMELY sorry. I am doing everything in my power to ensure that this is the last time you will hear from me about this. Please reply if you'd
Andrea Roher
Dec 12, 2007

Evenstar75@gmail.com has invited you to have a 3D avatar chat

From: Andrea Avatar: Guest_Evenstar75 To: Porcfest2007
Dec 12, 2007

Re: PorcFest 2008 Possible Weeks

THIS IS THE LAST EMAIL I'LL SEND TO THE PF07 LIST. TO STAY INFORMED/ INVOLVED, JOIN THE PF08 LIST AT http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ porcfest2008/ . So below
Rich Goldman
Sep 3, 2007

Re: [porcfest2008] Re: PorcFest 2008 Possible Weeks

... It's hard to say without your original email with her notes in it about the Nascar timing. Maybe I remember incorrectly, but I thought it was built around
Aug 29, 2007

Re: [porcfest2008] Re: PorcFest 2008 Possible Weeks

Just got this email. I'll let you all know when I hear back. But still, from her original email, "that is the Nascar weekend....hardly any hotel rooms
Rich Goldman
Aug 29, 2007

Re: PorcFest 2008 Possible Weeks

That week in June is way too early. The week before Labor day is probably too late. I agree that if it's the only week open Aug 18-24 is the best bet.
Aug 28, 2007

Re: PorcFest 2008 Possible Weeks

HI Rich I hope to be able to attend the 2008 Porcfest but Personally I am busy at Burning Man Aug 18th until Sept 10th 2008. Most any other time I can offer
Aug 28, 2007

PorcFest 2008 Possible Weeks

So, talking with Gunstock, our options for next summer there are the following weeks: June 9-15 August 18-24 August 25-31 Any thoughts? I'm currently inclined
Rich Goldman
Aug 28, 2007

Re: PorcFest Notes

Rich, All those notes look good to me in terms of a starting place. One thing we may want to consider is to refine the vision of the event as a whole so the
Varrin Swearingen
Aug 5, 2007

Re: [FSP-Doers] Re: [porcfest2007] PorcFest Notes

Yeah, I'm more referring to the coming together of the counter/ alternative culture and intellectual libertarian movements. FFF and Burning Man are large,
Rich Goldman
Aug 3, 2007

Re: PorcFest Notes

Hi Rich, One of the goals on the attachment was ... - Combine Future of Freedom Foundation Conference and Burning Man I think that trying to morph future
Irena Goddard
Aug 3, 2007

PorcFest Notes

Hi. Attached is a listing of notes, ideas, and goals for PorcFest based on surveys and my experience from this year. Please review and email me back any
    Rich Goldman
    Aug 2, 2007
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