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Re:Copper steam boiler circa 1806

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  • Pete B.
    Hi Dave, First, no apologies needed for a long post. If we don t post then we can t learn from each other. I, for one, am both pleased and amazed at how are
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 7, 2007

      Hi Dave,

      First, no apologies needed for a long post. If we don't post then we can't learn from each other. I, for one, am both pleased and amazed at how are discussion are developing. We have the basic boat and engine inputs as well as the technical information on how and why they work. Something for everyone!

      Although Fulton is a native of Lancaster County, PA. I don't believe that he tested his first steamboat there. If you change "steam" to "paddle" then I would agree. As a boy Fulton outfitted a small fishing boat with manually activated paddle wheels. Check out a couple of the line images of the paddle boat in Photos. Frank posted one from the Gutenburg site and I posted the other. 

      There were a few before Fulton with steampowered boats. there are some issues over who was first. to name some of the key players from memory (I'm at work) there was Morey, Rumsey, Fitch, Stevens and Fulton in the US. Fulton observed their attempts as well as other in Europe. From what he learned he built a steamboat in France considerably smaller than the North River. His first attempt resulted in the boat breaking in half across the beam. The weight of the engine etc. was to much for the hull. He salvaged the hardware from the bottom of the Seine and installed it in a reinforced hull. That attempt worked. A couple of years later he hooked up with Robert Livingston. Together they came up with the idea of the North River steamboat. It was erroneously called the CLERMONT after the North River (Hudson) estate of Livingston. Although Fulton is billed as the inventor of the steamboat he was not. He developed the first commercially successful steamboat. So much for History...

      Don't be afraid to contribute or ask questions. Frank's resonse pretty much sums us up. As the saying goes; "The only dumb question is the one that isn't asked"!

      Welcome to our group. We are all stakeholders.


      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, David Mc Ilvaine <d_mcilvaine@...> wrote:
      > Robert Fulton was born in Lancaster County
      > Pennsylvania where I now live. According to local
      > sources, his first steamboat testing was done on the
      > local (small) Conestoga River at a spot about a mile
      > from where I live in Lancaster City!
      > I know there is much local pride here about him, so I
      > would assume that the local historical society and
      > local history section of the public library would
      > probably have most of the published information about
      > him and his boats.
      > I still don't have a pop-pop but am working on it. I
      > have a stream with some 50 foot long pools on my
      > property and want to entertain the grandchildren when
      > Spring comes.
      > Many posters here are so advanced in their research
      > and building, that frankly I do not know where to
      > begin. I think I will buy a few cheap boats to start.
      > Has anyone had experience with spacetin.com?
      > I also have distinct memories of a bathtub boat (white
      > hull Red deck as I recall) as a 2 year old. It was
      > powered by vinegar and soda I think! Safe for a kids
      > bathtub play! I don't really recall how well it
      > worked but I remember that it did move! 65 years old
      > memories!!! I wonder how many tricks my mind has
      > played on me. Does anyone else remember these kind of
      > boats? If they do, I'm sane--if not, well . . .
      > Sorry for the long post.
      > Dave in Lancaster PA USA
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