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  • Pete B.
    The Little Old New York image I just received the following message from the fellow that is building a 90 model of the CLERMONT for the Clermont Historic
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2007

      The "Little Old New York" image

      I just received the following message from the fellow that is building a 90" model of the CLERMONT for the Clermont Historic Site (NY State Park). I was able to supply him the drawings that he needed from the research that I have been engaged in. Note Randy's comment in the second paragraph. Apparently FOX Movies has a CLERMONT model that was used on a set (not the one in the photo). It is being shipped cross country for the Fulton 200th anniversary celebration that will run fro May through December 2007.

      After December Randy's boat will be put on a Museum tour throughout New York State as part of the 2009 HUDSON-FULTON-CHAMPLAIN Quadricentennial Celebration.


      "Share away Peter.

        The prints you sent me a while back are the ones I used to blow up to the scale I needed, they are on the table under the drive mechanism, in the photo.  Then for the copies I have for you and a few others I found the original from the print that is contained within the 1909 celebration books.  The 90” side view I have for you is clean and crisp.  I need to read the history of this bell.  My feeling is it is an old school bell donated when they built the 1909 boat. I always would have thought Fulton’s bell would have been slightly smaller and all brass or bronze?  I will read what you have.  In the meantime I have a bell already made for the boat.  


      So you know…….The Site has acquired the funding to have a Hollywood model used in the making of a film in the 40’s??  I think??  This one is nearly 1/10 scale and some 13’ in length.  This one is being shipped from California at some expense. I talked these guys into letting me build mine in a more manageable and display friendly size of 90” so the site can keep a model for all time there and not have to spend a small fortune for events like this."


      If you are interested and we have the file space I will post photos of the progress of the Randy's work.



      PS: It's a little bit out of the realm of Pop-Pop's but there is a link to the development of a Pop-Pop Clermont.

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