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Re: A big THANKS to Jean-Claude

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  • Pete B.
    ... collecting books since over 50 years and he did not remember where he got the picture from. It may come to him out of the blue. I know that I frequently
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      > Hello Pete
      > That was the first question I asked the old man, but he has been collecting books since over 50 years and he did not remember where he got the picture from.

      It may come to him out of the blue. I know that I frequently have details pop out of memory with no connection to what I am workng on at the time. At any point his response is not critical to what I am doing.

      > By the way the secretary of the Basel Club called me back yesterday evening and confirmed that the model is for sure not in a Swiss Museum. He also told me that he answered your e-mail and sent you docs by mail and by fax.

      I can't ever remember hearing from Basel either by E-mail or Fax. The message must be stuck in the wires somewhere. It is unusual that they would post the photo on their Website without giving credit to their source. With the Internet it is easy to "capture" photos etc without referencing credits. I'm guilty of that on this Steamboat project.

      > Your project of CAD is very interesting. Here I am working with Autosketch (Baby of Autocad which is out of my purse for a hobby). This year I have bought a CNC router for my pension. Mind you I do not control it well for the moment and am swearing trying to learn the thing! For the moment I have to import the drawing in CorelDraw12 to get a proper PLT-file. It would be nice trying to make the wooden parts out of your drawings.

      I am using KeyCreator CAD software. Kubotek USA donated the software to work on the North River replica project with the Saugerties Fulton Steamboat Foundation. Although I'm not working directly with the SFSF (They are no longer active) I am still working on the North River  for my personal interest. I have the basic boat modelled in 3D Solids at a scale measured from various plastic models that I have purchased. My proportions are not exact but close. I can use this base digital model to scale up or down automatically.

      If you would really like to work on some wooden parts I can accommodate you with details. I will have to know what format your CNC can import. Can you use a 3D (X, Y, Z) format? Do you need a dimensioned drawing? Can you work in other materials than wood? Do you have a data sheet on your CNC equipment? I ask so that we can determine what its size capacity is. There are drawings of a Clermont model that came out in Popular Mechanics Magazine several years ago. It is posted as a "FILE". It is a simple design that may be a place for you to start. We could work up from there. Please let me know your preferences.

      Happy Holidays to you and yours!


      > Kind regards
      > Jean-Claude
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      > Subject: [pop-pop-steamboats] A big THANKS to Jean-Claude
      > Jean-Claude,
      > Apparently your E-mail is down. I keep getting error messages. This is the best alternative for a hardy THANK YOU!
      > Thank you very much for all the help you are giving. It's above and beyond the call of duty!
      > I will be interest to see if the author remembers where his photo was copied from.
      > In my project I am trying to collect all the data that I can find on the Fulton steamboat. I am putting the details from the different sources into groups. The detaisl that are most common is probably what the boat looked like and therefore will become the basis for my CAD model. At present I am modelling the 1909 replica details. They will be modified as I go.
      > Regards,
      > Pete Baker
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