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  • Frank McNeill
    Good going Pete, Regarding the files, don t delete anythiing. By running the numbers I found that half full is the same as half empty. Post anything you you
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 11, 2006
      Good going Pete,

      Regarding the files, don't delete anythiing. By running the numbers I found that half full is the same as half empty. Post anything you you find, because we can get a pop-pop-steamboats-2 when the files section of this one can't hold any more. One group I know of has four extra groups of this kind!

      Best wishes, old Frank

      On 12/11/06, Pete B. <georgeyyy@...> wrote:

      Hi Frank,

      I couldn't find any more than you did on Frederick Aeschbacher. I did locate one listed in the Buffalo, NY area. He is listed as being 92 years old. Zaba also lists another man and a woman living at the same address, perhaps a son and daughter in law.

      I found these drawings through a Google for CLERMONT models. Aeschbacher wrote an article for the Nautical Research Journal back in June of 1988 that came up as a hit. I wrote the Nautical Research Guild a couple of months ago and asked if they had a copy of the magazine. Their reply was no, they didn't have that back issue. I then asked if they had a file copy that they could photocopy the article from. They came back a week later and said that they had found a copy in their basement (When I rec'd it the pages were stained from rusted staples!) and that I could have it for $2.00. I bought it and now have it as part of my library.

      Getting back to Aeschbacher... I plan on writing or calling the Aeschbacher's in Buffalo to see if he is the Model Boatwritght. I also plan on writing the NRG to see if they have any more info on Aeschbacher. I'd like to get a copy of his research and also find out where his model resides. I'll keep you posted.

      I placed a copy of the article in the files section. I noticed that we are approaching %50 capacity. Should I delete some of my files or hold on for a while?

      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "Frank McNeill" <frankmcneilll@...> wrote:
      > Hi Pete,
      > Do you have any information about Frederick Aeschbacher? My trusted
      > assistant Google came up with several Frederick and Fred Aeschbachers, but
      > not enough for me to ask the real Fred to stand up. Zooming way in on the
      > lower left-hand corner of the first of Fred's drawing pages provides an
      > indication that it was done in 1985. That indicates that Fred might still be
      > alive, or dead, or maybe both? like Schrodinger's Cat.
      > old Frank

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