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Re: There are fifty four of us now

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  • Jack
    Wot!? ANOTHER Aussie? We may be few, but we sure get around! Jack ... you ... you ... through ... guys ... am ... membership ... even
    Message 1 of 11 , Nov 29, 2006
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      Wot!? ANOTHER Aussie?

      We may be few, but we sure get around!

      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "Len Phillips" <winho@...>
      > Well Jack just think about it.... Any time you want to have a rant
      > will be able to and know that there will possibly be NO replies so
      > will get away with it .....
      > BUT the Aussie will be watching you so just maybe you won't slip
      > the net ... I'm trying to find out the next meeting of these model
      > and I'll take the camera so hang in ...
      > Stay calm and keep smiling <G>
      > Len ( the aussie )
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      > Just to give you a rough idea: from counts done on groups where I
      > or have been owner or moderator:
      > 80% of all members will never post unless the list owner requires
      > that they 'introduce themselves to the group' - in which case, the
      > intro will be their only post ever.
      > 80% of all posts will be generated by less than 10% of the
      > Groups with less than hundreds of members will suffer
      > posting 'droughts' lasting from a week or so up to two or three
      > months.
      > People are interested...but if they don't got something to say,
      > groups like this with no penalty for OT will be supported by just a
      > few.
      > Jack
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