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  • Pete
    Top of the Mornin to Ya! Happy St. Paddy s day... Thanks Daryl, Hopefully you or other members will be able to join in on the competition. I personally will
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 17, 2011

      Top of the Mornin to Ya! Happy St. Paddy's day...

      Thanks Daryl,

      Hopefully you or other members will be able to join in on the competition. I personally will have to lead the cheer leaders for now.



      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "Daryl" <darylcanada73@...> wrote:
      > Hi all and Frank,
      > That other great forum is having a contest. A link is at the bottom of this page..............Daryl.
      > WWPPBB2
      > 2011World Wide Pop Pop Boat Build
      > The Spring Event and blatant attempt to have fun in the water and celebrate the return of the boating season!! Also a not-so-secret way to lure any of you into the fun and challenging world of steam boating!!!
      > Pop-Pop boats being the gateway steam engines that lead me to the world of steam engines and this site in the first place are cheered once again- This is a celebration of these little sometime noisy fellows!! They are inexpensive, loads of fun and may help you enjoy the various skills involved in the world of building a boat, putting a fire in it and casting it on to the waters!! So simple a kid can build one or even an old duffer!
      > The Ides of March Kick-it-all-Off -
      > The official start of the ticker and initiation of building starts March 15, so beware of a late start. This will give a little more than 6 weeks to build your entry and be ready to show your boat starting April 29-May 1. Start now – life gets busy when you least expect it.
      > Newly built boats only please-
      > All entries must be built for this year's event. No re-runs please. They must be made by your own hand. No purchased engines!!!!
      > 2 Categories to choose from-
      > Entrants can compete in two categories: Classic and Open
      > • CLASSIC- This will include one "engine", heated by conventional flame ( oil or candle type) in a boat of any size. Engines may be either coil or diaphragm style. Any length and any hull material may be used.
      > • OPEN- multiple engines and or tubes, r/c steering, propane burners , drive mechanisms, submarines, multiple hulls, lights, advanced electronics, the size is up to you….So go crazy or just clever!!
      > Posting your entry-
      > To qualify for consideration of prizes all entrants must post a "WWPPBB table" between 12:01 am (your time) on April29- through 11:59 pm (your time) May 1.
      > 1. You must show a minimum of 1 photo (but please be creative and do you best!) but we love more!!
      > 2. Most importantly, all entrants must post a video of you boat actually making way under steam power.
      > 3. Yes "team-builds" are allowed (collaboration is Ok and encouraged if that helps you participate)- you will have to share any prizes you may win, sorry.
      > NOTE- If you cannot or are not able to provide a video due to lack of a video camera, or ability to post a video- several of us are available to help (we cannot lend you a camera obviously) I am happy to have you build, enter, post and I will heap lavish praise on you for doing so etc…Your boat will NOT be eligible to be named the WINNER if there is no video proof of you boat moving under it's own power.
      > There will be awards for:
      > • Best Classic Category boat-
      > • Best Open Category Boat (minimum of 2 boats must be entered in this category for a winner to be declared- sorry) So talk amongst yourselves to see who else is in this area- challenge someone!!.
      > • The entries will be judges on design, decoration, performance, originality, presentation and enthusiasm!!! And I may have other prizes as I see fit. If any one wants to pitch something in on prizes- PM me and we can discuss
      > • And the ……
      > •
      > WWPPBB 2 -Grand Prize- for Best Overall Boat ……..
      > A ( experienced / used) Midwest IV Steam plant with EXTRAS including:
      > • Mahogany Mounting board
      > • Boiler
      > • Engine
      > • +Prop shaft and propeller
      > • +Dog-bone style coupler and fittings
      > http://modelsteam.myfreeforum.org/viewtopic.php?p=610352#610352

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