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Re: Inkjet printers and vinyl cutters

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  • Steve
    The problem with HTML to a list like this is it gets lost in a Digest (which I m on) and is lost when I reply. ... Doh! I am very much into flying airplane
    Message 1 of 20 , Nov 1, 2006
      The problem with HTML to a list like this is it gets lost in a Digest
      (which I'm on) and is lost when I reply.

      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "Pete B." <georgeyyy@...>
      > Hi Steve,
      > Thanks for your input. I think that we have something going. Frank has
      > been the catalyst to the whole brainstorming session that is taking
      > place. Your comments in orange followed by my reply.

      Steve said:
      > With dye inks, the issue of bleeding would only happen if it got wet,
      > or perhaps it might fog the plexi if the print were not let to dry for
      > a day or two. Dye inks can fade if left in sunlight. Many new Epsons
      > use waterproof or water resistant pigmented inks, and 3rd party
      > pigmented inks are available for most Epsons.

      Pete B. said:
      > Not to be funny, but the little pop-pop CLERMONT is a boat so I suspect
      > it might get wet. What Frank has initiated is a plan to develop a
      > working pop-pop model of the CLERMONT. Size has yet to be determined but
      > it will probably be in the 15”-18” range. It would be
      > driven by the conventional pop-pop engine possibly updated to one of the
      > designs developed by one of the group members. The paddle wheels would
      > be free-wheeling.

      Doh! I am very much into flying airplane models, I wasn't thinking
      that through all the way...

      Steve said:
      > Right now I can print 17 inch wide, very long in pigmented ink. They
      > are about as permanent as you can get. I put a print under the faucet
      > and the ink did not run.

      Pete B. said:
      > Your pigmented inks are exactly what we are looking for. The printing
      > would be less costly than screening, both material and labor wise.

      Screen printing can be very cheap, but you have to do a lot of exactly
      the same thing.

      Steve said:
      > Are you thinking of inkjet receptive vinyl? I have a roll.

      Pete B. said:
      > I was thinking of a durable material that would be relatively easy to
      > work with. The vinyl fits that bill. When we get the PDF file from Matt
      > Sparks we can print a template on paper to a desired scale. The template
      > can be transferred to a metal sheet. The boat can then be cut out formed
      > and partially assembled. We could then take you printed vinyl sheet, cut
      > it out and laminate to the formed pieces of the boat. This sequence
      > allows for soldering of the metal without burning the ink image. The
      > vinyl could still be wrapped around the seems as I suggested earlier.
      > Frank gave you credit but I don't mind. In brainstorming everyone gets
      > the credit.

      That's what I was thinking.

      Steve said:
      > I have a vinyl cutter, it can be used to score thin plastic, then a
      > bit of bending should snap it along the scoring. I can print patterns
      > on paper or sticky-back vinyl. This is with pigmented ink so it's
      > waterproof/resistant and sun resistant.

      Pete B. said:
      > When do we start? If we get a team together it may be easier to
      > communicate directly through regular e-mail or phone. Something to think
      > about. We could post progress updates at Yahoo Groups..

      Hm. My personal bias is to continue to talk through the list, for a
      variety of reasons. As for phone calls, I doubt we're in the same time
      zone, and likely not all on the same continent. I'm PST, Tacoma, WA,
      USA. It's also nice to be able to refer back to ideas and such in
      writing. I have a -lot- of things going on, it makes it easier to keep
      track. I make: Tshirts, signs, sandblasting, refurbish printers,
      repair electronics, make amateur videos, run a very active sci fi fan
      club, build props, repair electronics, eBay, etc. 20 Yahoogroups, and
      not in the best health.

      So if you don't hear from me for a few days or even a few weeks, it
      isn't that I'm ignoring you.

      Steve Greenfield
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