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  • Frank McNeill
    Hi Pete, Please go right on flooding with info about Fulton s boat or boats. It s about time for the group to have some kind of official project. And what
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 24, 2006
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      Hi Pete,

      Please go right on flooding with info about Fulton's boat or boats. It's about time for the group to have some kind of official project. And what better place to start could there be than with the steamboat that started it all.
      Please post a copy of that dimensioned drawing,so there will be something to work with if I find somebody who wants to produce pop-pop models. The probably won't be radio controllable, because a model wide enough for standard components would need to be about 5 inches wide. correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you advised me that Fulton's remodeled boat was 18 feet wide and 150 feet long. Dividing 150 by 18, multiplied by 5 means a radio controllable model would be almost 42 inches long and way too big for propulsion by a pop-pop engine. There are sources for miniature R/C receivers and servos, but smaller mean bigger prices.
      I think paper ship and boat models provide the best source of "inspiration" for designing realistic pop-pop boats. So I'm still trying to find print shops that have high resolution (or is it definition?) flatbed ink jet printers that could transfer some of Matt's plans from paper to something more appropriate for the construction of pop-pop boats. There was a time of course, during the last quarter of the 19th century when the largest boat manufacturer in the country made paper boats. Go to the link section for "Ken's Paper Boat Page" for info about this one.

      Best wishes to Pete, Matt and anybody else that still reads this stuff, old Frank

      On 10/24/06, Pete B. < georgeyyy@...> wrote:

      I appreciate the interest in the North River of CLERMONT. I have been collecting information for almost a year now. It's amazing how many different configurations there are both in drawings and text. In my CAD work I have tried to zero in on the configuration that appears most often. That would be represented closely by the 1909 Replica. My proportions are not based on documented dimensions, but rather by visuals and some known dimensions. It is no more accurate or less accurate than anything that is out there. I'm having fun playing around with the digital model. That's what is important at this stage of the game. After refining what I have I'll work on constructing a scale model from dimensioned drawings based on my model. I'm in hopes that John Mansky will beat me to the punch. He has the model shipwright skills for a quality job.

      It's not my intent to flood this site with Fulton's boat. I do, however, like Frank's idea of a possible CLERMONT pop-pop. The more inputs the better the end results. If anyone out there has information on the North River (the real name of the CLERMONT) please post. I will also gladly share my info with any of you who might be interested.

      Note: There is a fellow in New Orleans who is researching one of Fulton's other boats, the New Orleans Steamboat. The story goes that he developed the New Orleans with Nicholas Roosevelt. It was to the Mississippi as the North River was to the Hudson.


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      > Hi all,
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