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RE: [pop-pop-steamboats] Re: simple phlat boat design

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  • Don & Marsha Munsey Jr
    Pete, I agree with you about Ed - He s great to work with! He has cut a few (tug, 2 barges & small engine house) of his 1:48 kits in 1:64 for my modeling at a
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      I agree with you about Ed – He’s great to work with!  He has cut a few (tug, 2 barges & small engine house) of his 1:48 kits in 1:64 for my modeling at a very reasonable rate.


      I think that the best bet, as you did, would be to provide him with a set of CAD drawings, ready to load into his laser.  Again I agree, he can’t say know until someone asks him!


      Keep in touch.


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      I've worked with Ed Fillion on my Fulton Engine Project. He's a hell of a nice guy. He was a member of Pop-Pop but resigned as he didn't want to take time from his business, model railroad kits, with another interest. I put some of Ed's work up as the home page picture. the stack of "sticks represent two 15" diameter paddlewheels. The original set was all milled and waiting to be painted and assembled. In July of last year they were lost in a flood. There was 4'-5' of water in my friend's basement. When the water receded he was faced with 6" of mud & silt. He lost $1000s in model engine collections, tools and R/C aircraft. We lost all of the paddlewheel pieces an 500+ pieces of custom fabricated miniature sq head nuts & bolts. I replaced the hardware with off the shelf hex head. I knew of no one who could replace the milled paddlewheel parts. Then Ed came to mind. I contacted him to see if he could laser cut the pieces. After a few exchanges I sent him a CAD file for each shape so he could experiment. The samples were exceptable. We agreed on a price. He worked my job into his schedule is support of our engine project. What you see is what I got, 36 crescents, 36 spokes & 36 buckets (paddles - not shown). I'll post a couple more photos in the photo section to show how things went together.

      I honestly think that Ed wants to stay focused on his rail kits. You can contact him and ask again. Nothing ventured....

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      > Hi Pete,
      > We need to find somebody to produce models or kits based on those
      cardstock designs. Maybe Ed Fillion (Deerfield River Laser at
      > edfillion448@... or the proprietor of Frenchman River Model Works
      > at http://www.frenchmanriver.com/ would consider a venture of this kind.
      > Frank
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      > > Our Pete is Mr. Persistence Personified.
      > >
      > > My wife would say "Stubborn"!
      > >
      > > I have extracted ALL of of the Cardstock Files. They are all
      > > pages. To make it easier for everyone I will combine into a single PDF
      > > document for each model as time allows. I hope that some of you will
      > > take on the challenge and convert one of the boats into a Pop-Pop.
      > >
      > > ENJOY!
      > >
      > > Pete
      > >

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