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  • Pete B.
    Frank, As always, great suggestions for ideas and resources. Thanks... Pete ... has ... card ... pop-pop ... little ... kids. ... Pete s ... model ... and ...
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      As always, great suggestions for ideas and resources.





      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "Frank McNeill" <frankmcneilll@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > Pete Baker's series of North River Steamboat images on the home page has
      > been interrupted temporarily to suggest that patterns for paper and card
      > stock models could be printed on sheet metal and used to produce pop-pop
      > boats that would look a little more like historical vessels and a little
      > less like the pop-pop boats that some of us played with when we were kids.
      > The current home page image was produced by combining an image from Pete's
      > North River Project images of Fulton's steamboat titled Clermont
      > PAPERMODELER By: northriver07 with an image of a free waterline paper model
      > of HMVS Cerberus.Anyone who would like to download a free pattern for
      > Cerberus could go the links section for the "Paper Models (free)" list and
      > the Paper Shipwright.. A pattern for a small display model of the North
      > River Boat can be purchased by clicking on the link for "Paper Models
      > International" and going to catalog page #54.
      > I hope this will generate some discussion, because paper and card stock
      > models constitute a huge untapped source for production of sheet metal
      > models that could have pop-pop, or gurgle steam engines.
      > There is also an untapped market for working semi-scale models that could be
      > sold in gift shops that are maintained by museums, maritime institutions and
      > groups that need money to restore and preserve some of the remaining vessels
      > from the golden age of steam. Go to:
      > http://www.pskc.freeserve.co.uk/links.htm for a list with some of these
      > groups. For a potential customer that's closer to home for those of us in
      > the US Go to: http://www.smithsonianstore.com/home.jsp for a visit to the
      > Smithsonian's online gift shop and use "boat" as a search word. I don't
      > think you will find anything that looks or acts like a boat online, or
      > probably in any of several Smithsonian gift shops of the brick and mortar
      > kind.
      > Best wishes, Frank

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