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Re: There Were Thirty-Nine of Us

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  • northriver07
    Hello out there! Frank- I m not trying to get you in trouble with your wife. If your like the rest of us you probably have already perfected that on your own.
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 20, 2006

      Hello out there!


      I'm not trying to get you in trouble with your wife. If your like the rest of us you probably have already perfected that on your own.

      I like the idea of building a prototype, especially if we can make it a collaborative effort from interested parties around the country. It serves two purposes. The first is to make the group more dynamic. The second is to prove out your concept. If it meets your expectations then we can take it the next step to see if there are commercial interests out there.

      You are a natural "idea" person with hands on interests. I am a design (CAD) person. I also have hands on interests. I take conceptual ideas from engineers model them and refine as needed for manufacturability. I'm without a dgree and a self taught designer. As a member of an R & D team I work closely with all phases of new products. My satisfaction comes from seeing my digital model come off the DNC machines (See photo of impeller in the North River folder) or back from a rapid prototyping vender as an actual part. If we can find a couple of more players your prototype is a reality. If we each do a little bit you'll be able to stay out of the hot water in your kitchen. What do you think?


      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, Frank McNeill <frankmcneilll@...> wrote:
      > Hi All,
      > This is a reply to Pete Baker, but it applies to other
      > members, because what I wrote was that: "If I did this
      > kind of development, I would build a four- boiler
      > engine first and test it in a bowl of water before I
      > looked for a boat or a wooden plank to mount the
      > engine in, or on. I won't try to develop it though,
      > because I share a small apartment with a wife who does
      > not approve of wood working projects on "her dining
      > room table," or chemistry experiments in "her kitchen"
      > and can't run away from home because I wouldn't get
      > very far without an automobile."
      > For a "one-off" engine of this kind, it would probably
      > cost less to find a tinsmith somewhere than it would
      > to buy a lot of the stuff that tinsmiths use. Rather
      > than having a "one-off" engine, wouldn't it be better
      > for us to find a tinsmith or sheet metal entrepreneur
      > to build a "one-off" on spec. and sell them to anybody
      > who wants to build a radio-controllable gurgle boat?
      > Anything I post to files or photos is for all members
      > to use any way they please. If one of those ways is to
      > pass this information along to potential
      > manufacturers, they have my blessing, for whatever
      > that might be worth! :-)
      > best wishes, old Frank
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