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Re: The production of pop-pop boats in Bangladesh

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  • Frank McNeill
    Hi Slater, Thanks for the video link. I am going to bookmark it for possible use on some of the other groups where I occasionally emerge from lurkdom. My
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 31 3:08 PM
      Hi Slater,

      Thanks for the video link. I am going to bookmark it for possible use
      on some of the other groups where I occasionally emerge from lurkdom.
      My daughter might be able to use it in a middle school where she is a
      special eds teacher.

      Best wishes, Frank

      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, Slater Harrison
      <Sharrison@...> wrote:
      > Hi Frank,
      > It's been several decades since I was in Bangladesh, so no, I don't
      have good contacts with craftspeople there anymore. By the way, I have
      uploaded a full-length version of the pop pop instructions on Google
      Video for people who want it all in one place, and also for schools
      where YouTube is blocked.
      > Slater
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      > Subject: [pop-pop-steamboats] The production of pop-pop boats in
      > Hi Slater,
      > Do you have any contacts in Bangladesh that might be interested in
      > producing pop-pop boats with hulls, decks, etc. made of wood or
      > bamboo? There don't seem to be any current sources for manufactured
      > pop-pop boats safe enough for kids to play with.
      > Clicking on our link to Buzz's Boatyard will dispay a warning that
      > "These boats are not sold as children's toys as they may have sharp
      > edges. These boats are sold as metal replica collector items only!"
      > There is also a RECALL NOTICE: "We have recalled all small Titanic
      > ships and all "Hut" boats sold between April 2007 and November 2007.
      > This is a voluntary recall. Please click the link below to view the
      > details of this recall on CPSC's web site. Please remove these two
      > models from children as they contain excessive levels of lead in the
      > paint. More information here, on CPSC web site! Both boats are made by
      > Welby of India. US Importer Notice: Importation of these boats from
      > Welby is a violation of Federal law! Neither model may be legally sold
      > in the United States!"
      > I am afraid that in spite of your admirable work, pop-pop boats will
      > become an endangered species if a source for manufactured kid friendly
      > pop-pop boats can't be found or created. There are sources of design
      > "inspiration." Card stock paper models are problematic because of
      > their copyright restrictions- but there are companies that produce
      > little cast ship models that are used as place markers by members of
      > maritime war gaming groups. Before going this route I would contact
      > these companies to obtain permission for basing pop-pop boat designs
      > on their cast models. Some of them might be interested in selling
      > handcrafted pop-pop boats through their existing channels.
      > Best wishes,
      > old Frank
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