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Re: No limit?

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  • Pete B.
    Jean-Yves, THANKS! Interesting stuff. Although I don t have anywhere near the knowledge that you have gained through your research I do appreciate your post.
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 23, 2007


      THANKS! Interesting stuff. Although I don't have anywhere near the knowledge that you have gained through your research I do appreciate your post. Hopefully I'll be able to absorb some of the information that you share.

      This past weekend I spent time with the Rumseian Group and their Steamboat "THE EXPERIMENT" at the CLermont Historic Site's Steamboat Celebration. Unfortunately they were unable to steam the Hudson River on Saturday the 18th. We had winds of 20 MPH and strong river currents. They did get out for a bit on the 19th. I watched from shore as I had prior commitments for most of the day. The steam engine runs a pump that sucks in water through the keel on the intake stroke and expels water (and steam) on the exhaust stroke. It  works very much like the pop-pops. You can see each "pulse" of water from the boat's stern in the form of a slight turbulence and bubbles.

      In closing I have to say that the 8 fellows from West Virginia are some of the nicest people that I have had the good fortune of working with. They have asked me to work on their next project with them. With the power of technology it is surely doable. I now have to find out just what their project entails. When it comes to building the hardware it's approximately a 7 hour drive to WV.

      More later...


      --- In pop-pop-steamboats@yahoogroups.com, "Jean-Yves Renaud" <boite.de.j-y@...> wrote:
      > Not much activity on the forum. Vacation time?
      > After examination of the data of the best engines I know I thought it
      > could be possible to build a very big engine with a good probability
      > to get interesting results. I looked in my mess and found the
      > suitable pipe: a curtain rod? which after my works will never hold a
      > curtain again. Its inner diameter is 23,5mm. Though I have not the
      > appropriate tools for a pipe of such a large diameter I succeeded
      > roughly to bend it as expected. And I'm glad to say that it worked
      > fine at the first attempt (and followers).
      > Frequency: 2Hz.
      > Mean thrust: 133 mN.
      > These results are quite consistent with the ones I expected by
      > extrapolation of the data of smaller engines.
      > However, one must keep in mind the very bad efficiency. There is no
      > possible industrial application. I built and tested this engine for
      > the fun, and just to check that the theory applies. And it does.
      > Se the photo album. The green lighter set on the pipe is just there
      > to indicate the scale.
      > Jean-Yves

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