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36My current condition- servitude, turpitude--whatever you call it. . .

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  • Frank McNeill
    Jul 1, 2006
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      In a welcome note to Richard, I told him that I'm currently doing
      hard time at my daughter's place as a house, dogs and cat sitter.
      She left yesterday to take her youngest son Jordie, his cousin Josh,
      and a carload of their stuff to Chicago, where the two lads will be
      doing their own hard time as students at Illinois Institute of Art.
      My own term of durance vile will probably last a week. Meanwhile I
      have to use one of a cluster of wireless linked PCs in my daughter
      house under really bad conditions, like a pit bull who thinks he's a
      lap dog, and inability to access anything on the iMac in the
      apartment 20 miles away, where I live. Some of my stuff was added to
      the pop-pop-steamboats files and links sections without explaining
      why they were put there. Please explore these sections, add anything
      you would like to have there, and ask about any the stuff I put
      there, links to companies that make refillable butane lighters for
      instance, which were added because I believe butane fired candle
      lighters could be combined with boilers of the coiled tubing type as
      radio controllable steam engines. A lighter could provide enough
      heat for a cluster of coils with ends that could provide thrust in
      different directions that would be selected by miniature radio
      controlled valves, as indicated in one of the jpegs in the files
      section. Please check some of this stuff out and post questions,
      comments, criticisms, etc., to keep the chatter going. Discussion
      groups aren't much fun if there isn't any discussion.

      best wishes, old Frank