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3115Re: [pop-pop-steamboats] boiler question

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  • Jean-Yves Renaud
    Apr 24, 2012
      The diaphragm is just there to create the sound. The first patent was without diaphragm. The diaphragm decreases the performances. A solid boiler is better for thrust but not so fun because almost silent. In fact, there is a very low sound that you could hear if you put your ear close to the engine. Careful! It is hot.

      Le 24/04/2012 02:53, alamosa420 a écrit :

      I was wondering, would a boiler without a diaphram to make the "pop pop" sound, in other words a solid boiler, work the same way as the pop pop boiler, or would it not work? I am new to this and would like to try to make my own boiler, and wondered if this would work:

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